Sunday, August 3, 2014

Animagic 2014

The Rothenburg posts will follow later because I have to write so much and wait more pictures. So today I will write about the Animagic which I visited yesterday (Saturday).

Since I started with Lolita, I always helped out at the Animagic Dunkelsuess-booth as staff. But this year I didn't wanted to do it, because it's always nearly 30°C and the booth is outside in a tent, and sitting 3 days in a hot tent from early morning till evening while wearing Lolita is very exhausting. And because I went to Paris 3 weeks before and to Rothenburg 1 week before, I thought it was too much. And it was the right decision, because this year I only came for 1 day and it was sooo exhausting, I really couldn't have done 3 days.

It was a really spontaneous decision. First I didn't wanted to come at all, but then I heard that many Lolitas and friends would come on Saturday, and the Animagic is in my hometown (only 10 minutes away from my apartment), so I decided to go. I was really happy to meet my friends again! I didn't saw many of them for a longer time. But like always at conventions you don't have much time to talk with all people. I hope we can meet again soon in a more relaxed occasion.

First, I visited the Dunkelsuess booth. This time it was waaay bigger and they had waaay more stuff! And they had a 'professional' tent with wooden floor. The last years it was more a garden tent and we had to stand on the grass. Because of the collaboration with Lorina Liddel, Dunkelsuess could offer A LOT of Lolita dresses, and my friends told me, that the dresses sold very well. Most customers were new Lolitas, because those girls maybe saw the fashion online before, but it is always a difference when you can actually see and touch the dresses in real life, and can try them on to see if Lolita fashion really suits you.

And the prices were also really good! Lorina Liddel is a reseller for japanese fashion brands, but they only sell smaller and more unkown fashion brands, which have lower prices! Most dresses from these brands cost around 100-200€, while dresses from AP or Btssb for example cost 250-350€.

The attending labels:

Sweet Sakura:

Carmen Fiolere / Li-Paro:

Merry me / Dunkelsuess + Lorina Liddel stuff:

Lorina Liddel stuff (left) + Sweet Sakura (right):

The hangers from Lorina Liddel were awesome:

More jewellery from Lorina Liddel:

 Gina Wetzel + V.aroc.K:

Then it was time for the fashion show. The japanese singer "Luna Haruna" also participated as a model. She was one of the special guests of the Animagic and since she also wears Lolita, she took part in the fashion show. But honestly I have never heard of her before, does anyone of you know her??? (I honestly don't think she is that famous ^^')

I searched for some pictures of Luna Haruna:

This year, the fashion show was all about Lorina Liddel. All models only wore items from Lorina Liddel, not their own outfits, and some of the items were sample items from the japanese brands! That means those items were not officially released yet and we were one of the first people who could see those items!
Also some of the models were new Lolitas or never participated in a fashion show before. But you really couldn't see it, all of the girls looked amazing and did a good job!

I only have one group picture of the models, but I suggest you to follow Dunkelsuess on Facebook to see more pictures and videos of the Fashion show, they will be uploaded in 1-2 weeks I think.

Funnily, many of the models liked their own outfits so much that they bought it after the fashion show xD.

After this I met with Riina (again xD) and we went inside the building of the Animagic. I actually met Riina directly when I came in the morning and we talked a lot the whole day ^_^. They had several photo opportunities so we used them all. But we didn't stayed too long inside because it was freakin' hot inside and they had no air conditioner X_x.

After this I went home. When I came home I was sooo exhausted even if I only stayed there for 6-7 hours. But it was very hot and I had rarely sat down the whole time, so my legs were also really tired. But it was still worth it :)

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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