Sunday, August 31, 2014

Castles & Princesses or better: the most chaotic meet-up ever?

Hello! This will be a text-only entry about our Castles & Princesses Lolita meet-up. You can still read it if you want xD.


Yesterday was the Castles & Princesses Lolita meet-up. For me it was the most chaotic meet-up ever xD. I organized it myself with my friend Ami, so I'm allowed to say this xD.

1-2 weeks before the meet-up we asked everyone to give a second confirmation if they will really come to the meet-up. Usually, when 30 people register for a meet-up, only 10-15 people come. But this time, 55 people came out of nowhere xD. So we had big trouble finding a restaurant. After calling several restaurants + cafés, I finally found one which is ALWAYS empty in the afternoon. But however, 2 hours after I reserved for 55 people and was happy that I found a place for us, the boss of the restaurant called again and told me that we are too many people he has to cancel our reservation.
Ok, then everyone would have to split up in small groups and restaurants and find something on their own.

Then, we wanted to reserve a guided tour for the castle we were visting (Schloss Benrath - the castle every Lolita takes pictures with but never actually see it from the inside xD). But we would have to pay a high extra-fee if we book a tour just for us, so we also had to cancel this and everyone had to buy a ticket online to make sure, we can go in one group.


And then was the day of the meet-up... and I totally overslept xD. Like really, I often oversleep but I always make it in time to the meet-up. But yesterday I only woke up because a friend wrote me a SMS were I was sitting in the train, so we could travel together xD. Of course I couldn't catch that train, so within 5 minutes (no lie xD) I jumped out of my bed, put on some pants (Lolita would have needed too much time dressing up) and run to the next train! Yes I joined the meet-up in normal clothes, shame on me >_<

But then finally we could make the tour through the castle and I have to say it was fanstastic!!! Our guide was very well-informed and I learnt so much. Because some 100 years ago, you didn't just built a castle. Everything you build has a special meaning, even the color of the castle, the shape of a room or the animals used for decoration.

After this, all of us were really hungry and we soon splitted up to go to different cafés. We sadly forgot to tell everyone a certain time or place to meet after the tour, so we couldn't take a group picture and I couldn't even say hello to all people who joined the meet-up. Also, from 55 people, only 30 people came... yeah... and the café inside the castle would even had enough space for all of us! But since everyone was splitted up (and everyone I called didn't answered their phone T_T) we ended up being only 4 people in the café. Later, a few other Lolitas also joined us.

But basically that was my chaotic meet-up xD. I still had a great day and I hope everyone else too.

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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