Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Lolita Room Tour


Today I want to show you pictures of my Lolita room. I took the pictures for a book a few month ago. They are from my student apartment, which I unfotunately have to leave in ~2 months, but since I already took the pictures, I want to show you them.

But I have to say that my closet is completely fake, I just prepared it for the pictures so it looks more interesting (because I took them for a book ^^). Usually, half of my closet is filled with my normal clothes and some of the Lolita stuff doesn't even belong to me xD. And all the accessoires are usually stored in the white drawer next to my bed.
But all other pictures are real I swear xD.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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