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Rothenburg Day 2 - Lacebook Tea Party

On Saturday we had a lot of time to get ready. The Tea Party should start at 14:00h, but we arrived 1 hour earlier to take some pictures in the garden. I wore my new "Innocent Rose" JSK, which I bought during the Btssb Sale, after I saw it in the Paris shop and fell in love with it! I bought it 1 week before the Tea Party and I didn't thought that it will arrive in time, BUT it arrived on Thursday evening! Sooo lucky :D

Then it was time to enter the Tea Party! When I entered the room, I entered Lolita heaven *_* Not only the room was pretty, but also the table decoration was incredible beautiful! I never saw such beautiful decoration before. You could really see how much effort all the organizers put into this Tea Party!

Our table neightbors:
The fans were presents from the Tea Party. Very good idea, because it was really hot that day!

The food was already prepared at each table. I think this is a good idea, so nobody needs to wait in a queue at the buffet in order to get some food. I almost directly started to eat because I was soo hungry xD. Only downside was that they didn't prepared enough hearty food. They only had 1 sandwich per person and we thought that they would bring more sandwhiches, so I directly took 2 pieces. When I realized that there wasn't enough, I gave one sandwhich to another person. BUT it really wasn't a big deal, because there was MORE then enough sweet food for everyone! There were Macarons <3, raspberry cakes, small cupcakes, mini-cakes with lemon and basilicum flavour (sounds strange but was delicious!) and many other sweets.

We also had a timetable prepared at each table:
14:15 - Time for eating // 14:30 - Outfit contest // 15:45 - Workshop medieval dance // 16:30 - shops opened // 17:00 - raffle // 18:00 - end

First take pictures...

...then start eating! *nom nom nom*

Then it was time for the outfit contest. Everyone who wanted to enter should come to the front and present their outfit with a small text. I'm not sure if I liked the idea, because I think many girls were too shy to enter, therefore many girls with amazing outfits didn't entered the contest. But I wanted to enter and I convinced Ami to enter with me as twins, thought our outfits weren't true twins, we only had the same dress xD

After the first girls presented their outfits, I realized that the Tea Party theme was "Rococo Fairy Tale". I totally forgot about the theme, so within 10 seconds I prepared our speech and told everyone that we would be "The double Lottie" (Das doppelte Lottchen) - Lolita Rococo Princess version xDDD. Haha okay I know it was a bit silly and I think everyone knew that I just made it up, but whatever xDDD

After this we had time to eat, talk and taking pictures. But after a while I got a bit bored. I think there could have been some games, so you could interact more with all Lolitas and kill a bit time while waiting for the photograhper. We had 4 photographers which was A LOT, but with 50 Lolitas not everyone could take pictures at the same time, so waiting time was there.

Pictures with the photographers (they weren't taken all at once but I just put them all here xD):
Picture taken by Kia Rose / Vampire Symphony

Then they announced the medival dancing lesson, and Ami and me decided to join the lesson spontaneoulsy. It was organized by Jasmin and she did a great job!!! Medival dance is perfect for Lolitas! Only downside was that there were some perfectionists in the course who asked tons of questions. Of course it's okay to ask questions but this course was only a 45 minutes crash course, not a professional course were every step should be perfect ^^'''' So we only learned a sequence of 20 seconds. But in medival dance, you often repeat the same steps again and again, and you just change your dancing partners after every sequence. That means, even if our sequence was 20 seconds long, you could do this dance for several hours if you want!

Then it was time for the raffle! They had many small prizes, and even if you didn't won something during the raffle, you got another small prize. But honestly the raffle only had "small" prizes, I think it's good when all prizes have nearly the same value. I even won something, a necklace by Li-Paro! I'm happy about my prize because it has real flowers in it, and I love flowers <3

Then they announced the winners of the outfit contest. The girl who won started to wear Lolita only in October 2013!! I really couldn't believe it because her outfit was perfect, and I wear Lolita since 4 years and still don't look as perfect as her <3. All attendees of the Tea Party could vote for the winner, but then the organizers announced a second prize which was decided by the organizers only. They said that there were many girls with great outfits which didn't entered the contest, so they gave their prize to such a girl. I think her outfit was amazing too, but honestly ALL outfits were amazing!!
First Winner

Second Winner

Sadly some of the brands which were announced weeks before as ruffle donations + shop stalls weren't actually there (Lady Sloth, Ophanim tights, Poppemonica berets). This were the brands I was mostly interested in xD. I guess the brands didn't ship their items in time, or they were stuck in customs.

At the end of the Tea Party I was hungry again and wanted to grab some more food. I don't know why but our table had NOTHING left, while all other tables had some food left xD. I guess we were the most hungry ones xD. So I went to the other tables to ask for more cupcakes ^_^'''''

Then was the obligatory group picture and after this, the Tea Party was officially finished!!

Some more pictures of the room:

In the evening we went to a restaurant and cocktailbar again. But we were a bit unlucky... first, we invaded a very small restaurant which didn't expected that many people, so we had to wait nearly 1 hour for our food (thought the waiter announced it at the beginning, so it was okay, and the food was delicious). And then we had to wait 1,5 hours for our cocktails! Well not all people had to wait that long, but since we were sitting at the end of the table, we were one of the last ones who got our cocktails. But nevertheless, we had enough stuff to talk about so it was ok ^_^

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~*~ Thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures ~*~

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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