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Rothenburg Day 3 - Candy Day

On Sunday was another event organized by "Candy Day" - it's a meet-up series organized by Hoa in the area of Frankfurt. But sometimes she organizes Lolita meet-ups in other cities too.

In the morning we had to get up really early, because the meet-up already started at 11:00h. The first programm point was a guided tour in Rothenburg. At first I didn't really listened because I'm not a huge fan of guided tours, but then I started to listen and it was really interesting! I learned a lot about the city. If you are in Rothenburg, I recommend this guided tour. But I felt that it was a bit too long in the end, because 1.5 hours are too long if you are dressed in Lolita ^^'''

Picture taken by Ami
Picture taken by Ami
Picture taken by Vampire Symphony

Then we went to Hotel Eisenhut for our lunch. In this hotel, JetJ also did a photoshoot! The organizers put a small package filled with sweets and a postcard at each table! Especially the postcard was a nice idea, so you have a memory of this event :)

A few pictures of our table and room:

Then it was time for the outfit contest. It was like yesterday, you had to come to the front and present your outfit. But this time, not many people participated. I didn't participated too because I was so exhausted from the day before that nearly everything I wore was uncomfortable for me, so I removed all my jewellery and even my petticoat and put it in my big bag. So I was too lazy to put everything on again for the outfit contest ^^'''

During the outfit contest our food arrived, which was horrible because I was very hungry and wanted to start eating, but I didn't wanted to be impolite. So in the second the outfit contest finished, I started eating xD

But I was VERY disappointed by the food. We paid 26€ for it, and it was really BAD for that price!!!

First course was salad - it was ok but quite small.

Second course was Spaghetti - it was very small! I even had a bigger portion then the other people at my table and it was still small. But at least it tasted good.

Third course was joghurt mousse with fruits - it was HORRIBLE! The joghurt mousse tasted like a convenience product and the fruits were canned! Half of them were still frozen!!!

I can't believe that I paid 26€ for this, I mean it was a 4* hotel, how embarassing is this for such a hotel!!!

Then it was time for the ruffle and the announcement of the outfit contests. You could win the catalog of the JetJ photoshoot! What a nice idea, but I didn't won anything.
Here are the winners of the outfit contest:
Picture taken by M.E. Photography
Picture taken by M.E. Photography
Picture taken by Anh Binh Photography

After this we went to a park to take pictures. I don't know why but Ami and me didn't heard that they wanted to take a group picture in the park, so we totally missed it! I usually NEVER overhear such things, so I was very sad when I saw the group picture a few days later at Facebook >_< When Ami and me arrived at the park, we saw some pretty roses behind a big house and directly went there, so we couldn't see the other girls taking the group picture >_<

But still here it is:

Now the pictures of my outfit:

 Then we were tiered and decided to go back to our hotel, even if it was only 16-17h. Since our tour guide recommended to climb the city wall which surrounds whole Rothenburg, we did so. It was very scary for me because I'm afraid of heights ^^'''

At our way back to the hotel, an american tourist came and wanted to take a picture of my outfit. And after this, he gave me 2€ !!!! How nice of him xD

In the evening we went to a japanese restaurant. Everyone ordered a melon cream soda as a drink because it sounded so delicious! And it was indeed :)

Picture by Ami
Picture by Andrea
I don't have a picture of my food, but it was very funny that every meal got potato salad and cabbage salad as a side dish xD. I'm pretty sure that this is not japanese food, but I guess in Bayern you need this xD. And for me it was perfect because I love potato salad and even ate the left-overs of my friends because it was so delicious *_*

This day was awesome again and I'm thankful for the organizers who put so much effort into this 2 day event! I hope next year there will be such an event again!

We also stayed another day and left Rothenburg on monday, but since we did nothing interesting, I will not post about it ^^

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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