Friday, August 22, 2014

Spoon Scans: Angelic Pretty Paris - Store - Fashion Walk - Tea Party

Hello dears!

The Spoon magazine finally arrived *o* You can get a copy here if you want. The issue has many pictures of Angelic Pretty in Paris, for me it's a great memory and I can finally say about myself that I'm in a japanese magazine ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )ノ ♪

The first half of the magazine is full of Angelic Pretty pictures only, so when I flipped through the pages I almost thought it was another AP mook! The spoon magazine is generally quite simple, most pages are huge pictures with no text. Actually only the part about AP in Paris looks less simple.

I photographed all relevant pages about Paris, you can click on them to view them bigger:

 Cover of the magazine

First row: Opera, the final destination of the Fashion Walk + waiting at a traffic light during the Fashion Walk
Second row: Tea Party location

 Group picture (it's really blurry in the magazine T_T)

First 4 pictures: Fashion Walk
Bottom - left picture: The first customers of the pop-up store (the girl in the red dress was the first customer!) 
Bottom - right picture: customers with Maki & Asuka (M&A took pictures with nearly all customers, very cute ^^)

 First row: Pop-up store
Second row: starting point of the Fashion Walk at Gallerie Vivienne (the girl in the middle at our group picture is the first AP customer again, she wanted to buy the CDC and she got it! And we met Renske from Utrecht again ^^)
 All other pictures: Tea Party

First row - right picture: 2nd winner of the outfit contest
All other pictures: guests of the Tea Party

First row - left picture: 1st winner of the outfit contest
First row - right picture: Ami and me with Maki <3 (The japanese description says something like our princessly outfits fit perfectly to the Tea Party venue, and that we are twinning)
Second row - right picture: Winner of a dress set at the raffle

A girl on Facebook told me that nearly all AP Tea Parties in Paris were also printed in the KERA magazine! So maybe the newest issue has pictures too!
After I heard this, I searched for the AP Tea Party 2012 which I attended, and it was also printed in the KERA *O* I already found this issue on Ebay and I will buy it next month when I have more money ^_^

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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