Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Maid Café Event


Today I visited the summer Maid event at the Sphere Bay Café. I went there with Nyanko and Ami. In the train we also met Riina who usually works as a Maid in the Maid Café, but today she went there only as a guest. But my other friend Jinli is a new Maid and she was very happy when we visited her :)

I didn't took to many pictures because it was quite the same like the last event in may. You can read my old blogpost here: *click*

I honestly wanted to go there mainly because I can drink Bubble Tea again and eat a delicious Matcha cupcake. And also to meet my lovely friends ^_^

BUT unfortunately, they didn't had any Matcha cupcakes thad day and the Bubble Tea also tasted not as good as last time... I think they forgot to include the flavor so I only got cold tea with milk. But I could drink half of the Bubble Tea of my friend Ami which tasted better, so it was ok xD

Since I couldn't have a Matcha cupcake, I ordered Matcha icecream. It was yummy but it didn't had a strong flavour of Matcha... it tasted more like vanilla ice cream with a bit Matcha powder. Sorry that I complain so much, I just wanted my cupcake xDDD

Here is a group picture with Ami, Nyanko, me and Jinli:

Do you think that our outfits look crazy? Because when we walked through the city (without our maid Jinli) we got asked several times what we are wearing and people looked strange at us. I think we wore really normal and boring outfits Ô_o. People get more and more ridiculous these days...

I also took a random picture of some pictures xD Since this café is an art café, there are papers and pens on every table and you can draw something if you want. And if your picture is pretty enough, they hang it up on the wall ^_~

Then we went shopping, but of course I bought nothing at normal shops but spend a lot at the japanese supermarket xD. But today I realized that this supermarket is much cheaper then my asian supermarket in Cologne, so I had to grab more stuff!
I also bought some Sushi at the japanese supermarket for the first time, it was quite cheap and it tasted delicious! So if you want to grab some Sushi, try it there!

At the end of the day, we went to drink some Cream Soda. I think I never took a picture of it so here it is:

It was a nice day but I think I ate too much sugar today xD

Kind regards,
Miuko~ <3

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