Thursday, September 18, 2014

Crazy photoshoot for "Shades of Wonderland" book

Hello my dear readers!

Most german Lolitas already know the book "Shades of Wonderland". It's a huge book full of Lolita pictures, and it was created by a german Lolita. I'm also in the book with one picture *whoop whoop* xD

But I don't write this post only to tell you this xD. I want to show you a picture I did with my friends several weeks ago. In the book we all wear really crazy make-up, and many don't recognize us, or at least not my friends. I'm quite easy to recognize because I didn't wore contact lenses or a wig, but my friends look really different!!

This photoshoot was over one year ago but I never showed you the pictures because they should be kept in secret until the book is released. If you want to see all pictures of the photoshoot, also some which are not in the book, then please click here: => then click on "Photography"

The photographer was Kiharo aka Felix Berner, and the make up artist was Kami Zero. Kami also did my glorious hairstyle *___* I tried several times to make it myself again but I failed >_< He did it with a streightening iron and hairspray but I don't know HOW xD

My complete outfit from the shoot (these are my own pictures from my own camera, not the professional pictures of the photographer):

Well please don't judge the beauty of my make-up, the point of the photoshoot was not to look "beautiful", but to show something different and new.
What do you think about this "crazy" make-up?

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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