Sunday, October 26, 2014

Chocolate Meet-up


Only a short post about our Chocolate Meet-up yesterday. We went to the chocolate museum in Cologne and nearly everyone was dressed in chocolate-themed outfits! Sadly we were always in a rush so that we didn't take a group picture T___T

I only have pictures of me and my Little Bears Café twins :)

The museum was ok. I was there a few times already but the last time was several years ago. In my memory it was bigger and more interesting. We rushed through the museum in less then 1 hour. Afterwards we wanted to go to the café. But the cake was really expensive, around 4€ for a slice and 4€ for a hot chocolate. So I ordered an espresso but I forgot that espresso is suuuuper small xD. So I paid 2,40€ for 1 sip of coffee xD.

Then we went to a japanese restaurant. I couldn't decide if I should order Karaage (fried chicken) or a Crunchy Roll (fried sushi rolls). I finally chose Karaage, and when we finished eating, the waitress gave us free Crunchy Rolls for testing. What a coincidence ^_^

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Friday, October 10, 2014


Hello cuties~ ♪♫

Recently I tested some picture decoration apps. I like the idea that with 1 click, you can turn yourself into a pretty princess ~(*_*)~♥

I rarely take any selfies because my iPod camera has not a high resolution, but I figured out that the apps can solve that problem, so I started to edit some of my selfies.

I just want to show you them for fun :) I know some of them might me too much edited, it looked better on my device then it actually looks on my computer xD

I used "PhotoWonder" to edit my skin, eyes etc.; "PuriCute" and "Shibuya Cam" to add decoration. What apps do you use?

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Barbie Meet-up

On Saturday I went to a Meet-up in Siegburg, which was organized by my friend Loopy. The theme was Barbie, because we went to a small Barbie exhibition at the local museum. A private collector (who is in the Guinnes Book Of World Records for having the largest Barbie collection on earth) lended the museum a few pieces. And with few, I mean literally few, because when we entered, there were a total of 2 shelves with Barbies.... we were quite disappointed, but the musem's entry fee was only 1€, so it was acceptable.

My favourite Barbie, because she is pink, glittery and a Balerina!
I love music instruments, so I loved this Barbies too!
Very cute american diner
One of the 2 shelves... the other one was even smaller...

After this, we climbed a hill to take pictures. It was quite exhausting going up there, and then we had to realize that there was a construction side, so we couldn't enter the garden >_< But we still found a small spot for taking pictures! The boyfriend of Loopy took some pictures of us :)

Like you can see, I haven't worn a Lolita outfit, because I thought this outfit fits perfectly to Barbie, so I wanted to wear this instead of Lolita!

Then we were really hungry and entered the cafe which Loopy reserved for us. I ordered my favourite cake, clementine cream cake. We had a lot of fun talking with each other :)

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3
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