Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cream Soda at German Supermarket

Hello my dear readers~ <3

Today I found Cream Soda at the german REWE supermarket! For my international readers it may sound odd but many of my friends like Cream Soda and usually we only can buy it at asian supermarkets.


However it doesn't taste like the asian Cream Soda but like the one from Tesco in London! I personally looove the Tesco Cream Soda *___* But it is quite expensive, it cost 1,50€ per can (the Tesco one cost 1£ per 4 cans -.-) and it has many calories (the Tesco one has 1 calorie per can)... yeah did I mention that Tesco is my favourite supermarket in the world?! xD

In the first picture you can also see grape lemonade! I bought it at REWE too because I also never saw grape lemonade at german supermarkets, I always bought it at the asian supermarket. But I'm not 100% if we really don't have grape lemonade, I usually only go shopping at small supermarkets where they don't have such fancy stuff xD.

Btw here is the Cream Soda and grape lemonade I sometimes buy at the asian supermarket:

Well then guten Durst ^_~
Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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