Friday, November 21, 2014

My pink glitter christmas tree

Today I decorated my christmas tree! It's actually the first time that I have an own christmas tree in my small apartment, where I live since 4 years now. Of course my tree is pink with a lot of glitter *_*

I bought the tree on Ebay and the decoration at Nanu Nana.

Maybe you can remember that I bought some crazy christmas baubels 2 years ago. But I like the tree how it is right now. Everyhing matches perfectly together. So I don't think that I will add more baubels right now. But maybe I get bored of its simple look, than I will add my crazy stuff xD. I mean it isn't even december, most people haven't even thought about their christmas tree yet xD.

I know I'm quite early but I just love christmas and especially christmas decoration *_* And music, and food, and markets and.... how about you? Do you also start to celebrate it early?

Bonus pic: you can see my reflection in the baubels xD

Kind regards,
Miuko~ <3

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