Sunday, December 28, 2014

Asu's Advent Cafe

A few days before Christmas I attended a small christmas party from my friend Asu. She organizes it since ~4 years and I already attended it in 2012. I was  very excited for this event to happen because it was my only christmas Lolita event this year. I couldn't attend other events because I have a temporary job and have to work every Saturday in December.

I drove together with Mabu who also lives in my city. I was glad that I didn't had to travel alone since we needed 2 hours for one way to Asu's apartment X_x. Because of this I was really unmotivated to go in the morning, but I told myself that it will be awesome and I was not disappointed :)

When we entered her apartment everything was beautifully decorated. I especially liked her christmas tree with a lot of disney baubels! She also decorated the tables very cute.

When everyone arrived we started to eat cake and cupcakes!
After eating we went outside to take a few pictures.

 3 guests are missing on this picture because they took the picture or came too late.

This was my outfit. I have worn "Innocent Rose" by Btssb. I was happy that many people liked my dress. It's currently my favourite dress because I'm more interested in Classic-Sweet styles at the moment.

Here a few selfies:

In the evening, we watched 2 episodes of "Shopping Queen" where my friend Asu was a part of it. Then Mabu and me had to leave.

It was a nice day and I could wear Lolita after a long break. In the last 5 months I only have worn it 2 times (Chocolate Meet-up and this event). But for january I already have planned 2-3 occasions to which I look forward to ^_^

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Friday, December 26, 2014

Finding a super rare dress

Today I was browsing through mbok and I couldn't believe my eyes when I found a super rare dress I always wanted to own! And with rare I mean really rare, not that Angelic Pretty dresses who are only "rare" because scalpers are buying them.

I'm talking about the Ribbon Ribbon Hello Kitty JSK by Btssb. It was released in 2009 and I told myself if I ever start to wear Lolita, I want to buy that dress. I even had hope to be able to buy it, because the advertisement for this dress was at the Btssb frontpage for a quite long time and I thought, if it is on the frontpage it can't be sold out. How wrong I was xD

But since then it was always on top of my wishlist, not certainly because of the design, but because it combines 2 things I love: Lolita and Hello Kitty.

A few days ago I found that dress on mbok, however the price is too expensive for me. It costs 45.000 Yen and even if the Yen course is better than ever, it still would cost 300€ + additional costs. I think it's too expensive, it might be rare but it isn't that popular.

When it comes to money I can be really resistent. I don't want to pay ridiculous prices no matter how much I want an item and how rare it is. I want to pay appropiate prices, that means I have nothing against paying a high price for Puppet Circus for example. But in this case, 45.000 Yen is too much.

How do you handle such situations? Do you consider market prices or are you willing to pay higher prices if you really want a dress?

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Monday, December 1, 2014

My Advent Calendar

Today I could open the first door of my advent calendar! In case you don't know what it is: it's a calendar with 24 doors and from the 1st to 24th december, you open a door each day to count the days until christmas! Behind each door are small pictures, chocolate, candy or small presents.

My mother gives me one each year and this year she found one with delicious cupcakes printed on it. It's so cute! And even the small doors have a cupcake shape *_*

Do you also have advent calendars in your country? I read that it is a german tradition but some other countries have it too, so if you aren't from Germany I would be interested if you use advent calendars :)

Thank you for reading!
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