Sunday, December 28, 2014

Asu's Advent Cafe

A few days before Christmas I attended a small christmas party from my friend Asu. She organizes it since ~4 years and I already attended it in 2012. I was  very excited for this event to happen because it was my only christmas Lolita event this year. I couldn't attend other events because I have a temporary job and have to work every Saturday in December.

I drove together with Mabu who also lives in my city. I was glad that I didn't had to travel alone since we needed 2 hours for one way to Asu's apartment X_x. Because of this I was really unmotivated to go in the morning, but I told myself that it will be awesome and I was not disappointed :)

When we entered her apartment everything was beautifully decorated. I especially liked her christmas tree with a lot of disney baubels! She also decorated the tables very cute.

When everyone arrived we started to eat cake and cupcakes!
After eating we went outside to take a few pictures.

 3 guests are missing on this picture because they took the picture or came too late.

This was my outfit. I have worn "Innocent Rose" by Btssb. I was happy that many people liked my dress. It's currently my favourite dress because I'm more interested in Classic-Sweet styles at the moment.

Here a few selfies:

In the evening, we watched 2 episodes of "Shopping Queen" where my friend Asu was a part of it. Then Mabu and me had to leave.

It was a nice day and I could wear Lolita after a long break. In the last 5 months I only have worn it 2 times (Chocolate Meet-up and this event). But for january I already have planned 2-3 occasions to which I look forward to ^_^

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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