Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Harajuku Day Cologne

A week ago on Saturday I visited the Harajuku Day Cologne. It's a small convention which happens every few months. It is mainly for meeting people, so you have one big room with many tables and chairs, and you can play games, participate in cosplay/drawing/outfit competitions and some people are dancing or singing at the stage. And there are also a few stalls for buying stuff.

The last time I visited it was 4 years ago, but the target group is not mainly Lolitas, so I never visited it again. But this Saturday, some of my Lolita friends had their own stalls there and some other friends decided to visit it too, and I was interested in how this con have changed after 4 years, so I decided to attend it.

I went there together with Riina who was wearing Lolita for the first time. Usually she wears other J-fashions. I was wearing something J-Style-inspired, since I had a similar outfit for Lolita in mind but I don't own a black dress or skirt yet to create this outfit. So I used the black glitter dress which I bought for christmas.

Riina looks so unbelievable cute *____*

Picture by Takoto_Saionji

My outfit:

We took a group picture with nearly all Lolitas:

Some of my friends are selling Lolita clothing and accessoires:

After taking pictures we participated in the J-fashion outfit contest. Riina won the first place ^_^
Then I visited the Maid Café "Tales of Harmony" with another Lolita. We ordered 2 cupcakes. They were very delicious, I think the best cupcakes I ever ate in a Café!

The 2 girls also look very cute *_* And I look so huge next to them xD

It was a very nice day. 
Thank you for reading!
Miuko~ <3

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