Thursday, January 22, 2015

Japanese Exhibition & Le PomPom Cupcake Cafe

This Saturday I met with Mabu to visit a japanese exhibition called "Kingdom of Characters". It was in the Japanese Cultural Institute in Cologne and it explained why character goods are very popular in Japan.

You could take a flyer with 20 pages about the exhibition, which was more informative than the exhibition itself, because it was really small!
But in one corner there was a reproduction of a typical room of someone who really loves the Hello Kitty character. And there were a few figures everywhere like Hello Kitty, Pokemon etc.

Of course we took pictures with the cute Hello Kitty!

After this we went outside to take more outfit pictures. Mabu was wearing the new Angelic Pretty lucky pack and I was wearing an Otome outfit with a dress from Axes Femme.

Then we went eating cupcakes at "Le PomPom". I have visited it half a year ago when I went to the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert. This time I liked it there even more because there were nearly no other guests and the owner of the café was super nice again! I can really recommend this place if you want to stay for a longer time and just relax in a pretty café ^_^

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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