Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year's Meet-Up

New Year started only 4 days ago and we directly had a meet-up! It was organized quite spontaneoulsy but in the end we were around 8 people.

We met in Düsseldorf and wanted to go to "Sugarbird Cupcakes". The store was surprisingly empty but when we entered the waitress told us that all tables are reserved... usually they don't take reservations on saturday?! Then we went to the "Relax" Café to find out they sell food only in the afternoon... so we only had a drink. We ended up in our usual chinese restaurant "Dschunke" because it is ALWAYS empty xD

We ordered a lot of food and had great conversations... well except when some people started to talk about medical themes... I always find them disgusting, when I only think about blood I almost fade xD

Before I left the house, I did a selfie with my christmas tree. It was really hard to do with my heavy Canon camera >_<

My outfit for the day:

Outfit of the other guests:

After this we went to the japanese supermarket and I found a lot of "Do it yourself"-candy!!! Maybe you can remember my old post about funny japanese candy and that I searched for it everywhere, even in London! And now our local japanese supermarket got a quite big order of such candies :)

Maybe I will make another post about them where I create the candies :)

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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