Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wonder Waffel

Hellooooo <333

Last week I visited the new café "Wonder Waffel" in Cologne with my friends. You get a delicious waffel and can choose a lot of different topics for it. And they always write your name on the plate with chocolate sauce ~<3

 I wanted to wear Hime style but I don't really have any good clothes for it. So I call my outfit just " Princess Harajuku Style" xD

Thank you for reading,
Miuko ~<3

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sweet 50's - American Diner, Milkbar & Bakery

2 weeks ago I met with my friends in a new café called "Sweet 50's - American Diner, Milkbar & Bakery". The name discribes it perfectly!

The café has a true 50's atmosphere, everything is just perfectly decorated! It has sooo many details and the owner collected everything in the USA during the last 10(?) years. The owner loves Lolita and was really happy that we came. She even made a cute Facebook post:

The food looked delicious too and I directly ordered 3 items: a praliné cupcake, a Rocher milkshake and a Chili con Carne. Everything was lovely prepared and you can see that the owner puts a lot of effort into her café.

While waiting for the food, I took a few pictures:

After eating we took outfit pictures. I put extra effort into my hairstyle that day! The last time I did a real hairstyle was in July 2014 O__O''''''

Together with Savannah <333:

And with Mabu <333:

Now some outfit pics from the other girls ^^:

Group picture!!!

I'm curious how the café will be in a few months, I think I will visit it again in summer ^-^

Thank you for reading!
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