Monday, April 6, 2015

Lolita Event Plans for 2015

I recently bought my first Tea Party ticket for 2015, so now the Lolita Event season can officially start! I'm happy that we have more and more events in Europe, however it makes the decision which event to attend even harder, because it's impossible for me to attend all of them D: #firstworldproblems

My plans are:

~*~ May ~*~
23. - 24. Dokomi
30. Japan Day

~*~ June ~*~
19. maybe Hamburg Tea Party on Friday (if it will ever get planned...)

~*~ July ~*~
PARIS! Already bought my ticket for the "Classical Tea Party", but I'm hoping for an AP and Btssb Tea Party too. And Japan Expo!

~*~ August ~*~
1. - 2. Animagic

~*~ September ~*~
empty O_O

~*~ Oktober ~*~
17. Metamorphose Tea Party in Vienna


I will definitly not get bored this year!

Which events are you attending??? I'm looking forward to meet all my fellow Lolitas again and maybe make new friends <3

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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