Sunday, May 31, 2015

Japan Day

Yesterday was Japan Day again! Rosalynn and Iris from the Netherlands visited us and I was very happy to see Rosalynn again and to meet Iris ^_^ Later we also met Poppy from Belgium. I was just happy to spend an awesome day with my friends <333 even if the day itself was so stressful >_<

First we met Rosalynn and Iris at the central station and went to the japanese shops. Then we went to Dschunke and had lunch together. Afterwards we went to the Lolita meet-up which I organized, but like always I came too late xD.

Then Rosalynn wanted to meet Reika (a very famous cosplayer), so we wanted to find the booth were Reika gave autographs. But it started to rain and storm very heavily, and then we even got stuck in the crowd for like 30 minutes?! Like we couldn't move back or forwards because everyone was just standing and noone was moving >_< This was very stressful especially because we were like 10 people and we all got lost D: But we managed to find each other again, but then we couldn't find Reikas booth. We were searching nearly 1 hour. The booth was at the most far spot of the Japan Day, a place I never visited before all the years. WHY ;___; But finally we found Reika, and Rosalynn was very happy :)

After this, Rosalynn and Iris had to say good-bye, and we went to Relax for a Cream Soda.

 Group picture from the Lolita meet-up - by anh binh

Here is my outfit. I could wear my new Btssb crown! I searched this crown for YEARS! Finally I can be a real princess :D

Some selfies with my crown :D

A cool picture with May :D

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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