Thursday, July 9, 2015

Paris 2015 - Day 1 - Shopping

I'm back from my wonderful trip to Paris! I travelled together with Miriam (yes she has the same name like me xD).

We arrived in Paris on Tuesday and directly went to the AP store. We arrived at 12:45h, and the shop only opened at 12:00h, so all the great items were still left at the store. I was very impressed that they brought ALL the rare items, which were sold-out within minutes in Japan.

 These pictures are from the AP website and this is how the shop looked before anyone could enter... look at all the amazing stuff *_*

 Of course I took a picture with Maki and Asuka *_*

This year I had enough money to buy 2 dresses *__* Before I travelled to Paris, I wanted exactly those 2 dresses, and I couldn't believe they had them! I bought Castle Mirage OP in lavender and Drained Cherry JSK in dark-blue:

And some new AP postcards:

My friend and I also tried on a few Putumayo dresses, but even if they had a lot of shirring, they were weirdly cut, so they looked horrible on us D:

After this we went to Axes Femme. I was so excited to buy a lot of clothes there, because I think the fashion in Germany is sooo boring, and I hoped to buy many items for everyday-wear. BUT when we arrived, they had not a single item in size L, and when I asked the shop staff about it, she told me that french people don't request that size so they don't carry it anymore. I was SO SAD ;____; It was the only shop in the world with cute clothes for chubby people like me, but it seems only thin people deserve cute clothes ;____;

Then we went to Princess Crepe to eat a delicious crepe! Of course I spilled sauce all over my shirt. This happens every time I eat there D:

After this we went to Btssb, but they didn't had any interesting stuff for me, I only picked up an umbrella for a friend.

In the evening we wanted to go to Queens House, a shop for korean make-up, but when we arrived, the shop didn't existed anymore! D:

So yeah we spend the whole day visiting shops but barely bought anything! Okay, I bought 2 dresses, but I expected to buy much more xD. My friend really didn't bought anything!

Btw here a pic of my travel buddy :)

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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