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Paris 2015 - Day 5 - RinRin Doll Meeting + Angelic Pretty Tea Party

Welcome to the Tea Party ^_^

On my fifth day, we visited the RinRin Doll event in the morning. You could meet her at Princess Crepe and take pictures with her and get an autograph. RinRin Doll is sooo lovely and friendly, she can really talk to everyone. She even remembered me from the Kawaii Weekend in the netherlands. I think she is one of the most kind persons in the world, and she is always so happy to meet her fans. Aaah you need to meet her in person to understand how lovely she is <3

Then we went to the AP store again to see if they have discounted their prices like last year. Unfortunately they hadn't xD. Then it was already time to go to the Tea Party location.

The Tea Party was at a VERY fancy and expensive hotel. You could really see how rich all the hotel guests were. There was a lunch buffet which cost 170€ D: The inside looked like a princess castle. AP Tea Parties are always at expensive hotels, and usually we are not allowed to take pictures outside the tea party room, but this time we could take pictures everywhere at the hotel.

No this was not in a castle, this was our Tea Party room *_*

Finally we could enter the room and I direclty reserved a seat near the stage, so I could see the fashion show better xD. On our table were sitting other people from Finland, UK and Germany (and maybe more countries xD). It was nice to talk to new people. This is what I love about AP Tea Parties, you can always talk with ALL other people, even if you don't know them, you can just join a conversation and nobody minds it.

At the beginning, Maki and Asuka hold a little speech, then it was time for the food. Before the Tea Party started, people said to me that they isn't a lot of food at AP tea parties, but I honestly can't say it's true because at the 2 tea parties I attended, there was more than enough cake! HOWEVER this year, there was really not much at all! Only 4 small pieces for each person!! I mean since the other girls at my table didn't liked chocolate (how can you not like it??? xD), I could eat more pieces, but I think it was really not enough. Remember that we paid 70 € !!!!! for a ticket! But I guess the rent was so expensive, they couldn't afford more food ?!

 The food for 10 people
Because of the big spoon and fork, I expected a full lunch xD

After this, the fashion show started. They showed 3 new prints, one of them was shown for the first time in the whole world! The other ones were already shown in the Kera. I really fell in love with the Gothic print.

Then we had "free time". We could take pictures with the star guests, however most of the time, we could only take pictures with Maki, because Asuka and RinRin where behind the scenes for whatever reasons.

 Picture with Maki <3

Another lovely girl wearing the same print and color like me :)

My friend Miriam with Honda-san (the owner of AP) <3

We could also take pictures at a lovely photo corner:

The time flew by waaay to fast, and it was already time for the raffle. This time I even have won something, a small star ring *___* For me, the best prizes were the chocolate bags. However everyone who didn't won got still a nice present, a small sheet with sugar dream dome print, my friend guessed it was a sheet for Bento box?

Table with all the raffle prizes

 Group picture of everyone who won a ring

 The pin was a gift for everyone; the ring was my raffle prize ^_^

At the end of the Tea Party, we did a group picture and then everyone got nice presents. We got a button and 3 clear folders. I think this year it was a quite generous gift, but fo 70€ you should expect something like this xD.

The tea party was over waaay to fast, last year I took a lot more pictures and I talked a lot more with other people, even if the Tea Party was 2 hours longer  this year. But still it was a very happy day for me and my AP fan girl cravings are satisfied for the next few weeks xD.

This was my last day in Paris, we travelled back home sunday morning. The trip was very amazing and I'm already looking forward to the next one ;___; I wish I could go to more Tea Parties this year but I guess this will be the only one ;___; Well I just need to make private Tea Parties with my friends xD.

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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