Saturday, August 29, 2015

Angelic Pretty Tea Party Paris 2014 in GLB and KERA

Last year's Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris was covered by a huge article in the Spoon magazine. Because of this, I didn't thought that it was printed in other magazines too. But today I visited my local japanese bookstore and flipped through a few magazines, not wanting to buy anything, but then I saw that the AP Tea Party had a small article in the GLB too! And you can even see me in a few pictures *_*

It's the GLB Autumn 2014, Vol. 53.

Also a few weeks ago I saw that the group picture of the AP Tea Party was shown in the KERA. The article was not about the Tea Party itself, but about the history of AP.

It's the KERA 3 / 2015, Vol. 199

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Miuko~ <3

Friday, August 28, 2015

Doll Classica Tea Party in KERA magazine


Today I bought the newest KERA magazine and was happy to see a few pictures of the Doll Classica Tea Party in Paris 2015. It's the Kera 10/2015, Vol. 206. Of course I will share the scan of it with you!

The quality of the pictures is already bad in the KERA, so it's not my scanner's fault for the too dark or too bright pictures >_<

BTW you can also see my tiny head in one of the pictures xD

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Miuko~ <3

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Taobao + TaobaoSpree Review ("AP" Shell bag, "Prisila" hair pieces, F+F cape)

Recently I ordered some items from Taobao. Originally I just wanted shoes, but I thought for just ordering the shoes, it would be to expensive with all the shipping fees, so I ordered other stuff too. But then the shopping service told me that the shoes were sold-out, so I ended up just ordering the other stuff xD

I ordered 1 shell bag, 3 hair pieces, 1 chiffon cape and 1 hair accessory.

Shell bag: Link
I know the bag is a replica of AP. But I think the quality of AP bags is really bad, and it was sold out anyway, so I bought this bag. The quality of this bag is good! #Sorrynotsorry AP!

Shop picture
My picture

Hair pieces:  Link 1 Link 2
These are replicas from Prisila. I own(ed) Prisila items and I didn't liked the quality of them either. And for 6000 Yen per hair piece I should expect something better. The quality the replicas are okay. The hair is a bit shiny, real Prisila looks more realistic. Also the color is slightly different than from the original ones, so it looks a little more fake too and doesn't fit my natural hair color as good as the Prisila ones. But I still like them and with a few hair accesories, I can cover the color difference well :)

Chiffon cape: Link
This cape is from Fan + Friend (no replica, they also have a Taobao store!). The fabric is nice and soft, however it has a little chemical smell. But I think after washing it in the washing mashine, it will go away. It also looks nice with my Lolita dresses, althought it could be a tiny bit longer, since I have a large bust. But I think you can request a costum size if you order directly from F+F, so keep this in mind if you also have a larger bust :). The cape also have a clever pearl necklace, it prevents the cape from moving or slipping down!

Shop picture

Japanese hair accessory: Link
Recently I watched many documentaries about japanese culture and I wanted something traditional for my Lolita items, so I bought this accessoire which is usually worn with a Kimono. It is handmade and looks very nice! I love it.
My picture

Shopping Service: Link
I paid 116€ for the items + 60€ shipping to Germany. Yes you read right, 60€ for shipping.... I was a little shocked by the price because I expected something like 20€ for such a small package. However after the package arrived, I knew why it was so expensive. The package arrrived in ONE DAY!!! From China to my appartment, only 1 day! And 1 day means, they shipped it with DHL Express! I don't know if they have normal DHL available but if I order again, I will definitly check it before.

The service itself was very nice, they do speak english quite well and answer quickly. I can recommend them.

I hope this review was helpful.
Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Monday, August 3, 2015

Animagic & MPS (Mittelalter Spectaculum)

This year my visit of the Animagic was quite short and unspectacular. I didn't bought an outdoor ticket because it costs 15€ only for 1 stage with bad program and 1 shopping booth. I tried to get a ticket from other persons but I wasn't lucky xD.

I went there on Saturday and I met with Ami and we just spend the day walking around at the river promenade where all the other people without a ticket were. Honestly I think it was quite boring xD. Of course I had fun talking to my friends but attending a con without a ticket is just not interesting for me, I probably won't do it again.

Here is my outfit:

Picture by Ami

On Sunday I went to the MPS (Mittelalter Spectaculum). It's one of the biggest medival festivals in Germany I think. I wanted to go there for years but I never came around to do it. This time I decided it very spontaneously because the weather was great and I wanted to do something outside. And I read on their facebook page that you also could swim there in the lake, so I just had to go xD. I think it was quite funny going to an event and just in the middle taking a short bath in the lake xD. They had great music, delicous food and drinks and nice shows. Even if I went there alone, I wasn't bored at all. Next year I will definitly visit it again!


Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3
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