Monday, August 3, 2015

Animagic & MPS (Mittelalter Spectaculum)

This year my visit of the Animagic was quite short and unspectacular. I didn't bought an outdoor ticket because it costs 15€ only for 1 stage with bad program and 1 shopping booth. I tried to get a ticket from other persons but I wasn't lucky xD.

I went there on Saturday and I met with Ami and we just spend the day walking around at the river promenade where all the other people without a ticket were. Honestly I think it was quite boring xD. Of course I had fun talking to my friends but attending a con without a ticket is just not interesting for me, I probably won't do it again.

Here is my outfit:

Picture by Ami

On Sunday I went to the MPS (Mittelalter Spectaculum). It's one of the biggest medival festivals in Germany I think. I wanted to go there for years but I never came around to do it. This time I decided it very spontaneously because the weather was great and I wanted to do something outside. And I read on their facebook page that you also could swim there in the lake, so I just had to go xD. I think it was quite funny going to an event and just in the middle taking a short bath in the lake xD. They had great music, delicous food and drinks and nice shows. Even if I went there alone, I wasn't bored at all. Next year I will definitly visit it again!


Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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