Saturday, August 15, 2015

Taobao + TaobaoSpree Review ("AP" Shell bag, "Prisila" hair pieces, F+F cape)

Recently I ordered some items from Taobao. Originally I just wanted shoes, but I thought for just ordering the shoes, it would be to expensive with all the shipping fees, so I ordered other stuff too. But then the shopping service told me that the shoes were sold-out, so I ended up just ordering the other stuff xD

I ordered 1 shell bag, 3 hair pieces, 1 chiffon cape and 1 hair accessory.

Shell bag: Link
I know the bag is a replica of AP. But I think the quality of AP bags is really bad, and it was sold out anyway, so I bought this bag. The quality of this bag is good! #Sorrynotsorry AP!

Shop picture
My picture

Hair pieces:  Link 1 Link 2
These are replicas from Prisila. I own(ed) Prisila items and I didn't liked the quality of them either. And for 6000 Yen per hair piece I should expect something better. The quality the replicas are okay. The hair is a bit shiny, real Prisila looks more realistic. Also the color is slightly different than from the original ones, so it looks a little more fake too and doesn't fit my natural hair color as good as the Prisila ones. But I still like them and with a few hair accesories, I can cover the color difference well :)

Chiffon cape: Link
This cape is from Fan + Friend (no replica, they also have a Taobao store!). The fabric is nice and soft, however it has a little chemical smell. But I think after washing it in the washing mashine, it will go away. It also looks nice with my Lolita dresses, althought it could be a tiny bit longer, since I have a large bust. But I think you can request a costum size if you order directly from F+F, so keep this in mind if you also have a larger bust :). The cape also have a clever pearl necklace, it prevents the cape from moving or slipping down!

Shop picture

Japanese hair accessory: Link
Recently I watched many documentaries about japanese culture and I wanted something traditional for my Lolita items, so I bought this accessoire which is usually worn with a Kimono. It is handmade and looks very nice! I love it.
My picture

Shopping Service: Link
I paid 116€ for the items + 60€ shipping to Germany. Yes you read right, 60€ for shipping.... I was a little shocked by the price because I expected something like 20€ for such a small package. However after the package arrived, I knew why it was so expensive. The package arrrived in ONE DAY!!! From China to my appartment, only 1 day! And 1 day means, they shipped it with DHL Express! I don't know if they have normal DHL available but if I order again, I will definitly check it before.

The service itself was very nice, they do speak english quite well and answer quickly. I can recommend them.

I hope this review was helpful.
Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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