Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My first post on Daily Lolita

Hello cuties!

Several days ago, I made my first Daily Lolita post. I wear Lolita since 5 years but I never made a post before. A few years back, when Daily Lolita was very active, I kinda didn't had the guts to do it, because if you posted a bad coord, the whole Lolita world would see it and everyone would knew, who you are D-: However there was a time, where I commented nearly every post on Daily Lolita! So I was kind of active there, but not with posting pictures xD

Even if the days of Daily Lolita are nearly over, I think that as a TRUE© Lolita, you should have posted at Daily Lolita at least once in your life. (Another thing I can tick off of my Lolita level up list xD).

So here is the glorious link => http://daily-lolita.livejournal.com/5835817.html

I actually think it's nice to have an overview about all the different coords you did! Actually, this year I haven't done that many different coords, due to lack of fitting dresses... but now that I bought new dresses, I can wear more different outfits again *_*

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Angelic Pretty 3way Bag Book REVIEW

I recently purchased the newest e-mook by Angelic Pretty! I already own 2 e-mook bags by Angelic Pretty and I love their quality and use them nearly every day! And since I'm in need of a bigger Lolita bag, I decided to buy this e-mook too.

I bought it *here* at CDJapan for 20€ + shipping (I always choose the cheapest shipping SAL, which is around 10€ and without tracking and insurance, but I never lost a package from CDJapan, and it needs 2 weeks to arrive). An Angelic Pretty bag for ~30€ sounds like a very good deal, doesn't it???

What is the difference between a mook and an e-mook? A mook is a crossover between a book + magazine, while an e-mook is a mook which also contains a freebie. There are two different kinds of e-mooks: some e-mooks contain an actual mook with interesting information, while other e-mooks doesn't contain a mook at all but instead contain a small flyer with 5 pages, and the main purpose of those e-mooks is to actually sell the freebie.

The bag was wrapped in a nice package.

Even if the package was already quite big, the bag was still a bit squeezed inside.

This is how the bag looks directly after taking it out of the package. The bow and the small handle are a little squeezed, but just try to flatten the handle with your fingers, the dents will go away. The bow is harder to get in shape, I think I will use hot glue to make it stay perfectly. But it doesn't look that bad so you don't have to use glue if you don't want to.

The Angelic Pretty logo is embroidered! It looks very elegant.

The quality of the fake leather is VERY GOOD. Actually, the quality is even better than the quality of their normal expensive bags, because for their normal bags, they always use a very thin and soft fake leather, which rubs and peels off very quickly. The bag is also very sturdy and can hold a lot of things. I can put inside a bottle, cell phone, iPod, tissues, make up, folding umbrella and sunglasses and still have space left! However if you thinking about using it for school, I would say it is a little too small to carry more than 1 book.

Do I recommend the bag? YES!

Here a coordinate with my Castle Mirage dress. The color matches perfectly!

I hope this review was helpful!
Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Karotaler achievement unlocked!

This is a super random post, but yesterday I achieved 1500 Karotaler at Animexx. Only german people will understand it xD. Well, Animexx is an old site for Cosplay and J-Fashion, it used to be very active, but it died. I only visit it because I'm a mod and control all Lolita pictures which are uploaded there. And every day, you can collect 1 Karotaler, like the ribbons on Poupee Girl. And after so many years, I collected 1500 of them xD. Like I said, super random post xD

Pimp my bag! + current bag collection

Hello cuties!

I want to show you my newest crafting. I transformed my old Angelic Pretty bag into a new Hime Lolita bag! Yesss I glued stuff on my burando D-: But the bag looked REALLY horrible, after 5 years of using it, all the leather around the edges peeled off and it had several scratches. Actually, I haven't used this bag for nearly 2 years because of this, but I couldn't just throw it away, I needed to make something new out of it.

Here is also my current Lolita bag collection:

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3
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