Sunday, November 22, 2015

Behind the Mask

2 weeks ago I attended "Behind the Mask" in the Netherlands. It was a mask-themed Lolita event and it took place in a beautiful circus-themed location.

I drove together with May and Ami. Even if we had the longest way, we were one of the first Lolitas who arrived. So we took the opportunity to take some outfit pictures with Rosalynn, who was the official event photographer.

After this, we could grab some tea and brownies and I chatted with some of the dutch and belgian Lolitas. I'm always amazed by how many Lolitas I know from different countries, and even if I don't have much contact to them outside of events, I can always have a nice chat with them.

The first official program point was a historical dance lesson. I think it was a very good idea, and the teacher was also very good, as it was a professional dancer. He also gave a lot of background information about the dance and the music. However I think he could have chosen a more easy music piece, because it was quite confusing to count the steps, at least for me D-: But still I had a lot of fun!

Then we had a buffet, where we got bread with toppics like cheese, corned beef, salmon and tuna. It was enough food for everyone and very delicious.

After this, we played a game named "guess the brand". We had to register 2 weeks before the event, and May and me were the only ones who did xD. But during the event, 4 more people wanted to join. We got shown some pictures of prints and we had to guess the name. We also got the name of the dress and then we had to describe all the details. In the end, I failed quite a lot, because I barely know any prints except Angelic Pretty. And there was a girl who really knew ALL the names and print details... I was impressed D-: She won a jewellery set, but sadly she has an allergy and can't wear the items, so she shared the price with the other participants. It was really nice of her.

Between the program points I also went shopping a little. They had 4 stalls with Lolita and Sanrio stuff. I bought a Sentimantal Circus necklace and a unicorn brooch from the indie label "Risu Rose". You can see it in the following picture.

The last program point was the raffle and they had some nice prizes. Of course we also took a group picture.

Then the event was sadly over, I really wasn't bored at any time, and I was happy that I attended, even if I was away from home from 8 a.m. - 10 p.m. Oh yes I was sooo tired when I came home. The organizers really put a lot of effort in the event, and I think I will attend next year, if there is an event again.

~ Pictures are mostly by Rosalynn ~

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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