Friday, January 8, 2016

365 LLC - Favourite Lolita places

I barely do meet-ups in my hometown (Cologne), because most of my friends live closer to Düsseldorf and it just have better shops and cafés. But I will tell you my favourite places in both cities.

Le PomPom (Cologne)
This is a very cute cupcake café, I mainly go there because the interior is beautiful and the owner likes Lolita and is always happy to see us :)

Nordpark (Düsseldorf)
It's a park with many photo opportunities! It also has a japanese garden.

Südpark (Düsseldorf)
Another park with photo opportunities.

Relax (Düsseldorf)
It's a café and restaurant, not really pretty, but it has authentic japanese food, I always order Cream Soda and Curry there.

Takagi (Düsseldorf)
It's a japanese book store and I always go there to but the newest Kera or Bible, or to just brose through the magazines and cute stationary they have.

There are places in Cologne and Düsseldorf which might be much more awesome, but those are the places I mostly visit when I wear Lolita.

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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