Monday, January 18, 2016

365 LLC - Travel Wishlist

I have a few countries and cities I definitly want to visit in my life:

- USA: a very big dream of mine, I want to travel the whole country and maybe even live there for several months, just because I want to know how it is to live there and understand their culture more.

- Japan: besides shopping for Lolita I also want to travel to several cities, since I started to watch tons of documentaries about this country and realized it has many other interesting things to offer.

- St. Petersburg, Moskau: I want to see those beautiful castles and buildings.

- UK, Ireland: Both countries have beautiful landscapes.

I also have some other places I want to see, but those are the most important ones. The other ones are also more very specific things then a whole country or city. Whenever I see something interesting, I save the link or pictures.

Kind regards,
Miuko~ <3

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