Friday, January 1, 2016

New year, new plans - and 365 Day Lolita Challenge

Dear readers!

I hope you had a nice start in the new year! I'm really excited for this year - I will turn 25 years old, and I really think I should celebrate this special birthday. Also I plan to go to Japan - maybe not so much for shopping but definitely travelling around the country. And I know what I will do for the rest of my life - I can start an apprenticeship in September where I will study some law stuff to be able to work in the city government (sorry if it sounds weird I'm not sure about the correct english words xD). Well I'm not that interested good in law stuff but after the apprenticeship I can work in a normal office job and this is all I ever wanted (well all realistic jobs I ever wanted xD). I secretly hope to find another dream job before september but I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen.

So yeah I'm currently in a quite happy mood, I'm very motivated to do stuff (for example writing job applications, loosing weight, learning japanese), but I know it won't last forever - but I try not to think about my bad days, I will just look forward to new happy and successful days.

So that's about my private life, now on to my Lolita life. I look forward to the Putumayo Tea Party and to the Under the Sea Tea Party. I already started to plan my outfits and to craft a new headdress for UtS. But I can't really decide what to craft - I don't want to make an OTT headdress that looks too far away from Lolita, but I also don't want to wear a simple headbow... I spend the whole december making that headdress and I already threw away several versions because I didn't liked any of them ^^''''. As for Paris in July, I don't know if I will attend the events this year, I plan to go to Japan earlier so I will just look if I have enough money after the trip xD. For Paris I can't book early anyway because AP usually announces the Tea Party only 4 weeks in advance, so no rush needed xD.

As for my blog, I want to post more this year and what is better than a new Lolita challenge? And especially one that you can do eeevery day! I will participate in the #365LolitaLifestyleChallenge, which is created by Lace a la Mode, and you can find the instructions *here*. However I will only do the challenges I really like, and I think that not every challenge will include writing blog post, so you certainly won't see a new post every day.

That's it right now, I'm also looking forward to many new blog post of you (a.k.a. of all the blogs I follow), so have a nice weekend and...

...Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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