Saturday, February 6, 2016

Dunkelsüß - Member of the month // Animexx mod

Every month, our german Lolita website randomly choses a "Member of the month", where you get asked 10 questions about your Lolita life, which will then be featured on the website. After almost 8 years being a member, I was chosen for this month ^_^

Even if our website is not that active anymore, I still read those little interviews every month, because I find them very interesting, and I'm happy that I can finally participate too ^_^

You can read the article here =>

It's in german only, however I don't say anything there what I didn't already have said here on my blog, so you don't miss anything xD


Now some other news, not really interesting for you but I want to write it in my blog for my memory. Since 3-4 years, I was a mod for Lolita pictures on Animexx, where I controlled each picture if it can be uploaded in the Lolita category or not. However Animexx is dead for Lolitas, there are only 2 groups left who organize their Lolita meet-ups there, and which became the only ones who upload their pictures sometimes. I now stopped being a mod because I actually don't see any point in controlling the pictures when nobody even uses the gallery anymore, so noone cares if the uploaded picture is Lolita or not. I still had thought about this decision for months because it used to be important for me, but it's absolutely not anymore.

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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