Thursday, March 10, 2016

Rainbow Road Giveaway Prize

Hello dears!

Today I recived my giveaway prize from the blog ~*~Rainbow Road~*~. I don't often participate in giveaways, but I read her blog for a while now and I liked the prizes, so I gave it a go. And I actually won *_* I didn't thought that I was the only person who would win all the prizes! I was really happy *_* (She didn't asked me to make a blog post about the prize, but I liked it very much, so I thought I want to share it here ^_^)

This are all the prizes I won, plus 2 wigs.

 The first item is a Sailor Moon eyeliner. I always wanted to buy one, but I didn't found them anywhere for a reasonable price. So I'm more then happy to recive one finally *o*

The next item are Diamond lashes! Also something I always wanted to buy, but I wasn't sure which type I should choose, so I never bought any ^_^'''

 I also recived a cute pink mirror, and I actually wanted to buy one too for a photoshooting idea!

Then I got a Bite lipstick and lipgloss. It really makes great red lips. The small button-like thing is actually a mirror ^_^

Then I recived a cute Totoro button and a big notebook. I have a little addiction to buy new notebooks all the time, so this comes in very handy :)

Then I recived a super cute calendar-poster from Maxicimam! I really like their brand, but I never bought something from them because I'm not really sure about their sizes (but I hope to buy from them when I'm in Tokyo this summer). The poster also has a pink side, but I liked the dark side more :D I directly hang it up next to my desk.

And the last 2 items are the wigs. They are more cosplay wigs then Lolita wigs, so I maybe will give them as a present to my friends, because they have really great quality, and it would be a pity if they would just lying unused in my closet! But I had fun trying them on xD

Haha I seriously look like a dead ghost with the grey wig xDDD

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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