Thursday, May 19, 2016

Under the Sea - purchases, gifts and goodies

Since my other posts are already packed with pictures, I decided to make an extra post for all purchases, gifts and goodies, since I think some people are interested in this stuff too ^-^

First of all the VIP goodie bag (there weren't any goodie bags for non-VIPs). Of course it contained mostly flyers and business cards from all vendors and sponsors, but also some cute gifts. And the bag itself is great too, I actually use it now as a shopping bag, I like that the organizers choose a bag with long handles, it is very practical :)

Some artists made special postcards for the event

The official SFE gifts were a soap, a brooch, a hair pin and some japanese candy...

... as well as a notebook and tatoos! xD

This was the program and a game, however I realised too late that this game was going on, so I didn't participated

And aaaaaaall the flyers and businesscards from the vendors (actually the organizers put them well organized in a small envelope, very thoughtful ^^)

And now the gift I got for helping out at the remote vending. I almost think it's too much because I just helped out for 1 hour, while the organizers spend 6+ months organizing the event! But I have to say I love Stroopwafeljes and the key chain is also really cute and actually a sponsored item by a vendor.

And now my purchases. First I bought this cute dog brooch (or "wau wau" how Kimura Yu called it - yes she is sooo cute *o*), while I was helping out at the remote vending to acutally sell those brooches xD

Then I purchased a style book and photo set from Kimura Yu (the photo set already came with the autograph), and a postcard set from JetJ (yes I got the big shopping bag for my postcards xD). The postcard with the cats is a print which is actually made by Naffy + JetJ as a special print for Under the Sea! How cool is this?! However you couldn't buy the dress there, but the matching socks.

If you want to know what is inside the style book: many pages are full page pictures with Kimura Yu in her own brand or with other brands / artists. A few pages are actually about style (outfits, make-up, hair), but there are also many pages just with interviews and information about Kimura Yu (of course in japanese only). I think one of the interviews is about her history with really old pictures of her, and there is one each with her mother, father and boyfriend (?). If you are a big fan of Kimura Yu and able to read japanese, I would recommend it. But I also buy such items just for my collection ^_^

The last picture are goodies from the Tea Party on Sunday. We got two postcards and a sticker set, as well as a keychain (similar to the one I also got as a gift, but I forgot to include it in this picture). The bottom postcard with the Kimono and the candy was a prize for all people who did and did not win something in the raffle xD (I did not ^^'''). The dreamy card was part of a game.

My next post about the Suay Tea Party will follow soon in the next few days!

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Under the Sea - Day 2 - Event

On Saturday we had to wake up really early (6 am). Our poor landlord had to get up so early too to prepare the breakfast for us ^^'. Vicky asked me to style her hair, but I have never made this for someone else before, so I was afraid to mess it up. However it turned out quite good :D

We bought VIP tickets, so we could enter one hour earlier, which was at 10 am. I usually never buy VIP tickets because they are quite expensive (70€ instead of 50€), but I thought I want to treat myself at least once at such an event xD. Entering earlier was not really an advantage for me, since I never really buy a lot of stuff at such events, but for those who wanted to buy something from JetJ, it was definitly worth it. Even if I didn't wanted to buy a dress from them, I looked through their stuff and found out that they have a size 3 which actually fits me! I didn't knew that they also have dresses in my size, however the ones at the events were not really my taste, but I will travel to Japan in a few weeks and will check out their store there.

Vicky and me with the VIP goodie bags (*o*)

As a VIP you also got free food and drinks during the first hour. You got a very tasty mini apple pie, which apparently was a traditional cake for that part of the Netherlands, as well as tea and water. And of course you also got a goodie bag, which is a nice memory in my opinion.

After the VIP hour it was my turn as a volunteer, as I applied to sell stuff for 1 hour at the Remote Vending. It was a lot of fun, because I could sell several items, and I could meet many people that way, because everyone is taking a look at the stalls at least once! I even bought something myself, since I was at the table with "My Inspiration", so I bought a cute dog brooch.

Me selling some stuff xD

After this we had a Lunch break. Since I wasn't hungry at all, I took the time to look around the stalls and take some outfit pictures.

Some part of the beautiful location
Vicky selling at JetJ
Stall of Mamechiyo
Stall of Akira
Stall of Kimura Yu (I bought the book and a photo set)
Dresses of Kimura Yu
Stall of RoseMarie seoir / Ayumi

And my glorious outfit. Tons of people had to comment on my necklace, because the pearls were so huge xD

Then it was time for the main fashion show. I often don't pay attention to the fashion shows, but this year I watched it and it was quite nice. I was surprised by the details and quality of the dresses. After this, there was a little free time, but we had good seats at the front row, so I didn't wanted to give them up for the fashion show and performance of Kimura Yu, so I waited there. Sadly, when the show started, they announced that Kimura Yu had a cold and couldn't sing ;__;

All the special guests on stage
The room with the stage

Then we could listen to a presentation about the history of Lolita by Mariko Suzuki (former chief editor for the GLB). She actually started to explain, why people in Japan even got interested in western historical clothes. I hope someone took a video of the presentation, because I became very tired in the dark presentation room and almost fell asleep, so I sadly couldn't pay much attention ^^'''

I went outside for a bit and only reentered the presentation room at the end of the Kimono fashion show, but the outfits were really beautiful, especially because the models also had a very elaborate hairstyle and make-up matching the outfits.

Then the event was almost over, and like always it ended with a raffle. I didn't won anything, but I have to say the prizes were really good. The very last action was the group picture. I actually didn't really wanted to be in it because with 300 people it is impossible that everyone is in the picture and it always is such a hassle, but I was searching for my friend Vicky, who was sitting in the second row. And then the group picture started, and we actually had very good seats because all the special guests were seated directly in front of us xD. And it was quite funny to watch Akira, I don't know if it is her personality or she was bored or something, but she was joking around the whole time while the photographers tried to arrange the group picture (which took at least 10 minutes xD).

I have to say the event was a really amazing experience for me! It was not much different than other Lolita events I already visited, however the location had a great atmosphere and even more, I had much more interaction with the special guests because of Vicky. She spend one year in Japan and can speak the language fluently, so whenever she asked for pictures or something, the guests wanted to know why she can speak the language so well, so we ended up in small conversations (they also said some stuff in english so I could understand them as well xD).

After the event, we met with other friends to eat dinner and have some cocktails. We went to a japanese restaurant which was really huge and where all waitresses were wearing headsets xD. After this we had some tasty cocktails at a bar which turned out to host a lot of bachelorette parties. We accidently walked inside where a stripper show was going on xD. But luckily we found a free table outside, and the cocktails were really delicious!

Pictures with signature are from:
C0re2 Photography
Hilde Heyvaert

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Under the Sea - Day 1 - Arrival in Amsterdam

I'm back home from Amsterdam and I can just tell you, the last weekend was AMAZING! I had such a great time at the event and in Amsterdam with my friends! I'm already sad that the event is over, could have stayed a day longer for the after party, but even without it was already awesome!

We arrived in Amsterdam in the early afternoon. Our train was perfectly on time, we were really lucky, because all my friends who took the train earlier or later had problems (though we had problems on our way back home, but I will come to it later...).

My friend Vicky and I travelled together and shared a small apartment in Amsterdam. It was in a "traditional" dutch house, that means very, very steep stairs, where "ladder" would be a better name for them. But somehow we managed to get our luggage to the second floor and were welcomed from the kind landlord.

After we dropped our luggage, we went to the "Hermitage" museum, where we wanted to look at historical clothes. You could choose between 3 exhibitions, but one was already expensive enough (17,50€), so we only chose one and apparently the wrong one, because we could only look at paintings. The exhibition was nicely made, but quite short for the price, however not too short for me because as someone who is not really interested in paintings, it got boring after a while (still I expected way more for my money).

Walking by the Sunday Tea Party location

Then we went to eat Poffertjes at a very old traditional café. We wanted to sit outside at the canal, but the people there just didn't wanted to leave xD. So after an unsuccessful search for another café we just took a seat inside and had some delicious food.

Delicious Poffertjes, only good with a huge amount of butter xD
And a hot chocolate at 25°C, because why not

After this, we just randomly walked through the streets of Amsterdam. The streets around the café were so beautiful and had a little magical atmosphere. There were barely any tourists, and in front of almost every house there was a bench or a small table with chairs, and the locals were sitting there reading a book or having a picnic. I found this especially magical because it was just a short walk from the city center and all the very busy tourist attractions. Generally all streets and houses are sooo beautiful in Amsterdam (except for the few tourist spots, which are dirty as hell), and I found it very surprising, because Amsterdam is just as famous as London or Paris, and the same size like my hometown (Cologne), but you would never find something like this in those cities.

In the evening we went to a surinamese restaurant. In Amsterdam it is quite common to find indonese or surinamese restaurants (and it is actually recommended in many tourist guides), because of the dutch colonies. Luckily my friend Vicky was already in Amsterdam before, so she could recommend good food places all the time :D

During the whole day, we saw other Lolitas at least 3 times at very different places in Amsterdam. It felt like the whole city was occupied by Lolitas for the weekend xD.

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dokomi - Convention Days 1 & 2

The convention was over waaay to quick! Even if it was almost a 3 day event because of the Tea Party on friday, I still felt that it was over in a rush, faster than in other years. I'm really glad that Amsterdam is in 2 days, so I don't have to be sad that it's already over.

Funnily I didn't do much at the convention like always. This year I planned to watch the Dance off contest, and I swore to myself that I will really watch it no matter what, but I still didn't came around to do it xD. Of course I still had tons of fun, because I met so many people and basically every time I wanted to go somewhere, I was bumping into another person, so it kinda took the whole day to walk from the one end of the convention to the other xD

This year, the convention added a HUGE hall for vendors. It almost looked like Japan Expo!


My friends and I were lurking around the Putumayo booth, because we wanted to attend the autograph session. However we were a little too early and Misako Aoki was still putting her make-up on, so we didn't wanted to disturb her xD. But in the end I finally went to her and I guess I was the first one of the autograph session, however I regret that I didn't took a picture with Hasegawa-san and didn't talked to him, I really wanted to say something but I didn't know what, and I don't speak japanese anyway xD

I bought a postcard set of Misako Aoki, they are really cute and I already hung them up on my wall. Now I also want to make such a candy photoshoot :D

I have to say I started to dislike Misako Aoki a little bit because of the AM drama and because she always have the exact same face, where you get the feeling that for her it's just a job, but after meeting her again I think she is a kind person and I guess you just cannot be all excited anymore if it is your 1000x Tea Party.

This was my complete outfit for the Dokomi on saturday (my sunday outfit is not worth mentioning, I only dressed up in a very casual outfit for the fashion show).

Usually I always spend time in the Fashion Area, because this is were all the Lolitas hang out. But the Putumayo stall and the food corner were in the vendor hall, so I spend more time there xD

At the end of the convention day, we wanted to try out the Host Club. Many of my friends said that the Host Club is a little cringey, because the Hosts take their job really seriously and it's weird if a 16 year old tries to talk to you in a very nice way xD But our host was not cringey, I guess that we were a group of 5 also made it less cringey, so I would say it is quite nice there!

In the evening, we also went to the japanese restaurant Maruyasu. Their rice is sooo tasty, I never ate such delicious rice in my life! xD


On Sunday I didn't do much as well. I was part of the Lolita fashion show like every year, and Misako Aoki and Hasegawa-san were watching it too :D

Here is the video if you want to watch it (I can never watch such videos because I find it too embarassing to see myself walking there xD)

Otherwise I spend the day visiting checking out the vendors again and seeing a very tired Misako xD.

All in all the convention was great like always, I'm already looking forward to next year :D Let's all hope that we can have other Lolita guests again!

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

Dokomi - Putumayo Tea Party

This weekend I attended the Dokomi convention. For the first time, they also invited a japanese Lolita brand and organized a Tea Party (mainly organized by Loopy ^^).

On Friday I met with my friend Rommily for lunch, who usually lives far away from me, so it was nice to see her again after a long time. We wanted to meet with my other friends too, but it didn't really worked out xD. Since we had time to kill, I showed her a well-known café in Düsseldorf, which Misako Aoki also had visited according to her Instagram xD. On the way to the café, we were stopped by a photographer who had a photostudio right next to the café and wanted to take pictures of us. I thought why not and so we were doing a little photoshoot (I will show you the pictures later when I get them).

In the evening, the Tea Party finally started. It was very nice, even better than I expected (the Dokomi is a great convention, but also a littlte chaotic xD). Weirdly, 1/4 of the seats were empty, even though all the people paid for their tickets.

Decoration of the tables with Goodie Bags

First, they opened the buffet, which was tasty. Then we had time for shopping and looking at the stalls. Hasegawa-san (the designer and owner of Putumayo) could speak english a little, and every time someone was looking at the clothes, he tried to motivate them to buy something xD.

Misako Aoki also selled some stuff, which was really cute, but also quite expensive. I was really doubting about buying something, but I also wanted to save up for my trip to Japan xD

Misako Aoki stuff, it was a collaboration with Cerise(?)

Putumayo stuff, they also had a table, similar to the Paris pop-up shop, but a little less items

Then there was the fashion show with 10 new outfits. Hasegawa-san tried to explain the outfits in english, it was really cute because his english wasn't good, but he really tried hard!

With cute Riina :) Picture by

After this was the Q&A with Hasegawa-san and Misako Aoki, and there were some interesting questions.

In the end there was a raffle with prizes from Indiebrands, and an outfit competition, where Hasegawa-san picked his 3 favorite outfits by himself.

Picture by

Hasegawa-san also walked around to talk to people and take pictures. I think he just wanted to take a quick picture with some of us sitting at our table, but we all stood up and made a group picture xD

This was my outfit. I don't own anything from Putumayo, but according to the Q&A, Hasegawa-san loves Alice in Wonderland, so my outfit fitted at least a little bit xD

And here is some part of the Goodie bag. The gifts from Putumayo were a postcard set and a set of bigger pictures with Misako Aoki. Of course there were also many flyers from indie brands in it as well as some discount coupons.

The Tea Party was 1 hour longer than planned, but otherwise I think it was a great success! I hope that next year we will have something like this again :)

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3
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