Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dokomi - Convention Days 1 & 2

The convention was over waaay to quick! Even if it was almost a 3 day event because of the Tea Party on friday, I still felt that it was over in a rush, faster than in other years. I'm really glad that Amsterdam is in 2 days, so I don't have to be sad that it's already over.

Funnily I didn't do much at the convention like always. This year I planned to watch the Dance off contest, and I swore to myself that I will really watch it no matter what, but I still didn't came around to do it xD. Of course I still had tons of fun, because I met so many people and basically every time I wanted to go somewhere, I was bumping into another person, so it kinda took the whole day to walk from the one end of the convention to the other xD

This year, the convention added a HUGE hall for vendors. It almost looked like Japan Expo!


My friends and I were lurking around the Putumayo booth, because we wanted to attend the autograph session. However we were a little too early and Misako Aoki was still putting her make-up on, so we didn't wanted to disturb her xD. But in the end I finally went to her and I guess I was the first one of the autograph session, however I regret that I didn't took a picture with Hasegawa-san and didn't talked to him, I really wanted to say something but I didn't know what, and I don't speak japanese anyway xD

I bought a postcard set of Misako Aoki, they are really cute and I already hung them up on my wall. Now I also want to make such a candy photoshoot :D

I have to say I started to dislike Misako Aoki a little bit because of the AM drama and because she always have the exact same face, where you get the feeling that for her it's just a job, but after meeting her again I think she is a kind person and I guess you just cannot be all excited anymore if it is your 1000x Tea Party.

This was my complete outfit for the Dokomi on saturday (my sunday outfit is not worth mentioning, I only dressed up in a very casual outfit for the fashion show).

Usually I always spend time in the Fashion Area, because this is were all the Lolitas hang out. But the Putumayo stall and the food corner were in the vendor hall, so I spend more time there xD

At the end of the convention day, we wanted to try out the Host Club. Many of my friends said that the Host Club is a little cringey, because the Hosts take their job really seriously and it's weird if a 16 year old tries to talk to you in a very nice way xD But our host was not cringey, I guess that we were a group of 5 also made it less cringey, so I would say it is quite nice there!

In the evening, we also went to the japanese restaurant Maruyasu. Their rice is sooo tasty, I never ate such delicious rice in my life! xD


On Sunday I didn't do much as well. I was part of the Lolita fashion show like every year, and Misako Aoki and Hasegawa-san were watching it too :D

Here is the video if you want to watch it (I can never watch such videos because I find it too embarassing to see myself walking there xD)

Otherwise I spend the day visiting checking out the vendors again and seeing a very tired Misako xD.

All in all the convention was great like always, I'm already looking forward to next year :D Let's all hope that we can have other Lolita guests again!

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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