Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dokomi - Putumayo Tea Party

This weekend I attended the Dokomi convention. For the first time, they also invited a japanese Lolita brand and organized a Tea Party (mainly organized by Loopy ^^).

On Friday I met with my friend Rommily for lunch, who usually lives far away from me, so it was nice to see her again after a long time. We wanted to meet with my other friends too, but it didn't really worked out xD. Since we had time to kill, I showed her a well-known café in Düsseldorf, which Misako Aoki also had visited according to her Instagram xD. On the way to the café, we were stopped by a photographer who had a photostudio right next to the café and wanted to take pictures of us. I thought why not and so we were doing a little photoshoot (I will show you the pictures later when I get them).

In the evening, the Tea Party finally started. It was very nice, even better than I expected (the Dokomi is a great convention, but also a littlte chaotic xD). Weirdly, 1/4 of the seats were empty, even though all the people paid for their tickets.

Decoration of the tables with Goodie Bags

First, they opened the buffet, which was tasty. Then we had time for shopping and looking at the stalls. Hasegawa-san (the designer and owner of Putumayo) could speak english a little, and every time someone was looking at the clothes, he tried to motivate them to buy something xD.

Misako Aoki also selled some stuff, which was really cute, but also quite expensive. I was really doubting about buying something, but I also wanted to save up for my trip to Japan xD

Misako Aoki stuff, it was a collaboration with Cerise(?)

Putumayo stuff, they also had a table, similar to the Paris pop-up shop, but a little less items

Then there was the fashion show with 10 new outfits. Hasegawa-san tried to explain the outfits in english, it was really cute because his english wasn't good, but he really tried hard!

With cute Riina :) Picture by

After this was the Q&A with Hasegawa-san and Misako Aoki, and there were some interesting questions.

In the end there was a raffle with prizes from Indiebrands, and an outfit competition, where Hasegawa-san picked his 3 favorite outfits by himself.

Picture by

Hasegawa-san also walked around to talk to people and take pictures. I think he just wanted to take a quick picture with some of us sitting at our table, but we all stood up and made a group picture xD

This was my outfit. I don't own anything from Putumayo, but according to the Q&A, Hasegawa-san loves Alice in Wonderland, so my outfit fitted at least a little bit xD

And here is some part of the Goodie bag. The gifts from Putumayo were a postcard set and a set of bigger pictures with Misako Aoki. Of course there were also many flyers from indie brands in it as well as some discount coupons.

The Tea Party was 1 hour longer than planned, but otherwise I think it was a great success! I hope that next year we will have something like this again :)

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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