Thursday, May 12, 2016

Under the Sea - Day 1 - Arrival in Amsterdam

I'm back home from Amsterdam and I can just tell you, the last weekend was AMAZING! I had such a great time at the event and in Amsterdam with my friends! I'm already sad that the event is over, could have stayed a day longer for the after party, but even without it was already awesome!

We arrived in Amsterdam in the early afternoon. Our train was perfectly on time, we were really lucky, because all my friends who took the train earlier or later had problems (though we had problems on our way back home, but I will come to it later...).

My friend Vicky and I travelled together and shared a small apartment in Amsterdam. It was in a "traditional" dutch house, that means very, very steep stairs, where "ladder" would be a better name for them. But somehow we managed to get our luggage to the second floor and were welcomed from the kind landlord.

After we dropped our luggage, we went to the "Hermitage" museum, where we wanted to look at historical clothes. You could choose between 3 exhibitions, but one was already expensive enough (17,50€), so we only chose one and apparently the wrong one, because we could only look at paintings. The exhibition was nicely made, but quite short for the price, however not too short for me because as someone who is not really interested in paintings, it got boring after a while (still I expected way more for my money).

Walking by the Sunday Tea Party location

Then we went to eat Poffertjes at a very old traditional café. We wanted to sit outside at the canal, but the people there just didn't wanted to leave xD. So after an unsuccessful search for another café we just took a seat inside and had some delicious food.

Delicious Poffertjes, only good with a huge amount of butter xD
And a hot chocolate at 25°C, because why not

After this, we just randomly walked through the streets of Amsterdam. The streets around the café were so beautiful and had a little magical atmosphere. There were barely any tourists, and in front of almost every house there was a bench or a small table with chairs, and the locals were sitting there reading a book or having a picnic. I found this especially magical because it was just a short walk from the city center and all the very busy tourist attractions. Generally all streets and houses are sooo beautiful in Amsterdam (except for the few tourist spots, which are dirty as hell), and I found it very surprising, because Amsterdam is just as famous as London or Paris, and the same size like my hometown (Cologne), but you would never find something like this in those cities.

In the evening we went to a surinamese restaurant. In Amsterdam it is quite common to find indonese or surinamese restaurants (and it is actually recommended in many tourist guides), because of the dutch colonies. Luckily my friend Vicky was already in Amsterdam before, so she could recommend good food places all the time :D

During the whole day, we saw other Lolitas at least 3 times at very different places in Amsterdam. It felt like the whole city was occupied by Lolitas for the weekend xD.

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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