Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Under the Sea - Day 2 - Event

On Saturday we had to wake up really early (6 am). Our poor landlord had to get up so early too to prepare the breakfast for us ^^'. Vicky asked me to style her hair, but I have never made this for someone else before, so I was afraid to mess it up. However it turned out quite good :D

We bought VIP tickets, so we could enter one hour earlier, which was at 10 am. I usually never buy VIP tickets because they are quite expensive (70€ instead of 50€), but I thought I want to treat myself at least once at such an event xD. Entering earlier was not really an advantage for me, since I never really buy a lot of stuff at such events, but for those who wanted to buy something from JetJ, it was definitly worth it. Even if I didn't wanted to buy a dress from them, I looked through their stuff and found out that they have a size 3 which actually fits me! I didn't knew that they also have dresses in my size, however the ones at the events were not really my taste, but I will travel to Japan in a few weeks and will check out their store there.

Vicky and me with the VIP goodie bags (*o*)

As a VIP you also got free food and drinks during the first hour. You got a very tasty mini apple pie, which apparently was a traditional cake for that part of the Netherlands, as well as tea and water. And of course you also got a goodie bag, which is a nice memory in my opinion.

After the VIP hour it was my turn as a volunteer, as I applied to sell stuff for 1 hour at the Remote Vending. It was a lot of fun, because I could sell several items, and I could meet many people that way, because everyone is taking a look at the stalls at least once! I even bought something myself, since I was at the table with "My Inspiration", so I bought a cute dog brooch.

Me selling some stuff xD

After this we had a Lunch break. Since I wasn't hungry at all, I took the time to look around the stalls and take some outfit pictures.

Some part of the beautiful location
Vicky selling at JetJ
Stall of Mamechiyo
Stall of Akira
Stall of Kimura Yu (I bought the book and a photo set)
Dresses of Kimura Yu
Stall of RoseMarie seoir / Ayumi

And my glorious outfit. Tons of people had to comment on my necklace, because the pearls were so huge xD

Then it was time for the main fashion show. I often don't pay attention to the fashion shows, but this year I watched it and it was quite nice. I was surprised by the details and quality of the dresses. After this, there was a little free time, but we had good seats at the front row, so I didn't wanted to give them up for the fashion show and performance of Kimura Yu, so I waited there. Sadly, when the show started, they announced that Kimura Yu had a cold and couldn't sing ;__;

All the special guests on stage
The room with the stage

Then we could listen to a presentation about the history of Lolita by Mariko Suzuki (former chief editor for the GLB). She actually started to explain, why people in Japan even got interested in western historical clothes. I hope someone took a video of the presentation, because I became very tired in the dark presentation room and almost fell asleep, so I sadly couldn't pay much attention ^^'''

I went outside for a bit and only reentered the presentation room at the end of the Kimono fashion show, but the outfits were really beautiful, especially because the models also had a very elaborate hairstyle and make-up matching the outfits.

Then the event was almost over, and like always it ended with a raffle. I didn't won anything, but I have to say the prizes were really good. The very last action was the group picture. I actually didn't really wanted to be in it because with 300 people it is impossible that everyone is in the picture and it always is such a hassle, but I was searching for my friend Vicky, who was sitting in the second row. And then the group picture started, and we actually had very good seats because all the special guests were seated directly in front of us xD. And it was quite funny to watch Akira, I don't know if it is her personality or she was bored or something, but she was joking around the whole time while the photographers tried to arrange the group picture (which took at least 10 minutes xD).

I have to say the event was a really amazing experience for me! It was not much different than other Lolita events I already visited, however the location had a great atmosphere and even more, I had much more interaction with the special guests because of Vicky. She spend one year in Japan and can speak the language fluently, so whenever she asked for pictures or something, the guests wanted to know why she can speak the language so well, so we ended up in small conversations (they also said some stuff in english so I could understand them as well xD).

After the event, we met with other friends to eat dinner and have some cocktails. We went to a japanese restaurant which was really huge and where all waitresses were wearing headsets xD. After this we had some tasty cocktails at a bar which turned out to host a lot of bachelorette parties. We accidently walked inside where a stripper show was going on xD. But luckily we found a free table outside, and the cocktails were really delicious!

Pictures with signature are from:
C0re2 Photography
Hilde Heyvaert

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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