Thursday, May 19, 2016

Under the Sea - purchases, gifts and goodies

Since my other posts are already packed with pictures, I decided to make an extra post for all purchases, gifts and goodies, since I think some people are interested in this stuff too ^-^

First of all the VIP goodie bag (there weren't any goodie bags for non-VIPs). Of course it contained mostly flyers and business cards from all vendors and sponsors, but also some cute gifts. And the bag itself is great too, I actually use it now as a shopping bag, I like that the organizers choose a bag with long handles, it is very practical :)

Some artists made special postcards for the event

The official SFE gifts were a soap, a brooch, a hair pin and some japanese candy...

... as well as a notebook and tatoos! xD

This was the program and a game, however I realised too late that this game was going on, so I didn't participated

And aaaaaaall the flyers and businesscards from the vendors (actually the organizers put them well organized in a small envelope, very thoughtful ^^)

And now the gift I got for helping out at the remote vending. I almost think it's too much because I just helped out for 1 hour, while the organizers spend 6+ months organizing the event! But I have to say I love Stroopwafeljes and the key chain is also really cute and actually a sponsored item by a vendor.

And now my purchases. First I bought this cute dog brooch (or "wau wau" how Kimura Yu called it - yes she is sooo cute *o*), while I was helping out at the remote vending to acutally sell those brooches xD

Then I purchased a style book and photo set from Kimura Yu (the photo set already came with the autograph), and a postcard set from JetJ (yes I got the big shopping bag for my postcards xD). The postcard with the cats is a print which is actually made by Naffy + JetJ as a special print for Under the Sea! How cool is this?! However you couldn't buy the dress there, but the matching socks.

If you want to know what is inside the style book: many pages are full page pictures with Kimura Yu in her own brand or with other brands / artists. A few pages are actually about style (outfits, make-up, hair), but there are also many pages just with interviews and information about Kimura Yu (of course in japanese only). I think one of the interviews is about her history with really old pictures of her, and there is one each with her mother, father and boyfriend (?). If you are a big fan of Kimura Yu and able to read japanese, I would recommend it. But I also buy such items just for my collection ^_^

The last picture are goodies from the Tea Party on Sunday. We got two postcards and a sticker set, as well as a keychain (similar to the one I also got as a gift, but I forgot to include it in this picture). The bottom postcard with the Kimono and the candy was a prize for all people who did and did not win something in the raffle xD (I did not ^^'''). The dreamy card was part of a game.

My next post about the Suay Tea Party will follow soon in the next few days!

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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