Thursday, June 30, 2016

My trip to Japan - Tokyo (Day 9-10)

5th day Tokyo:
Today we first went to the Imperial Palace and wanted to visit the East Garden. However it is closed on mondays so we couldn't enter it. So we strolled alongside the outer walls to see the huge space infront of the palace area and watched the turtles, kois and swans in the water. I found the contrast between the traditional palace and the modern business district directly next to it very interesting.

Then we decided to go to Asakusa and visit the temple there. I didn't wanted to go there because I heard there were many tourist scammers, but we didn't saw any of them. We went through the long souvenir shop street and bought a black sesame icecream, very delicious! Btw I think this is the nearly the only place where you can buy souvenirs in Tokyo (in Kyoto you find such shops at every street corner). Then we continued our way to the temple. It is nice to watch but smaller than I expected.

Afterwards we went to Yurakucho, which is famous for the many tiny restaurants build under the bridge. However we might have gone in the wrong direction, because the part we found wasn't really impressing. Then we didn't had much to do anymore, Tokyo really doesn't have that many sightseeing objects, so we were just strolling around a mall in Ginza with a huge Sanrio store, of course including some expensive Hello Kitty stuff (Ginza is famous for its luxury shops).

Then we went to Shinjuku again because we were searching a restaurant and I could remember that at Lumine Est they have many nice ones. We wanted to eat something typical japanese and ended up in a Hawaii restaurant eating a taco dish xD. But it was really delicious!

Then we went back to the Clothed Child in Shinjuku because I saw a beautiful AP dress I wanted to try on. It was still there but sadly didn't fit by a few cm. We also went inside a Pachinko hall because I wanted to show my mother that famous game (of course we didn't played, just watched). The halls are always so loud, you can't hear your own voice D: On our way back to the Shinjuku station we saw a street which looked exactly like Yurakucho was supposed to look. We decided to come back here the next day for lunch. Then we went back to Harajuku because we wanted to go to Daiso again and I also stopped at Laforet to visit the Angelic Pretty store because I wanted to admire their newest release (Antonette Decoration - sooo beautiful!). We also visited the cat-themed store again where I already bought a shoulder bag. My mom and I fell in love with the cutest coin purse ever and bought the last 2 ones available!

6th day Tokyo:
Today we went back to the Imperial Palace East Garden as it was open today. The garden is HUGE and you can easily spend 1+ hour there. The entry is free and it is sooo beautiful, even better than the garden in Yoyogi park which I also already loved.

Then we drove to Shinjuku for the Omoide Yokocho street we saw yesterday, which is full of tiny Yakitori restaurants. In the restaurant we entered there were three old man sitting and they waved at us and wanted to talk to us. But they only could talk japanese and the waitress told them something like that we only speak english and don't want to be disturbed xD. The food was delicious thought quite expensive for the amount of meat you get (and you have to pay a table fee where you have to buy a plate of soy beans). But if I would speak japanese I would go back there just to talk to the people, I think it's normal there xD.

Then we went to Tokyu Hands to buy another travel bag, since we only brought 1 extra bag for shopping stuff, but it seemed it was too small and I didn't wanted to squeeze my stuff. Usually luggages are very expensive in Japan, but I found one for 20€. Since we still didn't had any plans, we went back to Harajuku again because my mom wanted to buy a purse from that cute cat-themed shop for my sister too, and when I was thinking about buying the matching make-up bag, she gave it to mee as a present too *_*. Then I wanted to visit Kiddyland, which has merchandise of EVERYTHING, but I didn't found anything interesting. We also ate another delicious crêpe!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My trip to Japan - Tokyo (Day 7-8)

3rd day Tokyo:
Today our first stop was Shibuya. I wanted to visit Ruby Rose at 109, but it closed not long ago ;_; And I wanted to visit Punyus, the plus-size store, but the clothes looked so boring that I didn't even entered it xD. However I bought several items from the My Melody shop. Then we went eating at Sweets Paradise. It is a cake all-you-can-eat, the food tasted good but wasn't overwhelming. But I loved the curry xD.

Then we went to Maxicimam, and it was like PARADISE for me. I'm chubby so I can't find many Lolita clothes that fit me, but some of their items even were too big for me. So if you have size-problems, check this store out, I think they even have more items stocked in plus-size than in regular size (they also have a description on their door, that their "lovely size" is for americans and europeans xD).

4th day Tokyo:
Our first stops were the Meji shrine and Yoyogi Park. There we visited a beautiful scenic garden with turtles and Kois in the lake, lillies (this was the main attraction of the garden), and a real water spring. I loved the calm atmosphere there. The shrine itself is not that interesting (compared to the ones in Kyoto).

Later we went back to Closet Child because it was Saturday and I wanted to check out if they have any new items in their store, and if they have a matching skirt for my new Maxicimam sailor hoodie. They didn't had many new things, but this time I took more time to check everything out and I ended up with 2 dresses, 2 skirts and 1 cardigan. All brand for cheap :D. We also went back to Prisila to buy 2 more hair pieces. The rest of the day we spend strolling through Harajuku again.

My trip to Japan - Tokyo (Day 5-6)

1st day Tokyo:
Today we took an early Shinkansen to Tokyo! After checking-in at our hotel, I decided to spend our first day in Shinjuku (I thought it would be a better idea not to spend it in Harajuku, so I wouldn't be overwhelmed with all the stuff you can buy xD). The first stop was the Lumine Est shopping mall directly inside the Shinjuku station, which is great for make-up shopping. I wanted to go to Econeco, which has make-up and other items in the cutest design ever! I wanted to buy everything but it was a little pricey, so I only bought a blush (my new favorite one!). I also run into the Etude House store were I bought a few things. Then we got hungry and went to the restaurant floor. I ordered a delicious lunch menu with typical japanese dishes (Gyoza, garlic fried rice and simple tantanmen soup).

Later we went to the Mylord shopping mall for the Axes Femme store, but I didn't bought anything there. Then it was time for the Mauri Annex shopping mall to visit all the Lolita stores! On our way up I accidently run into Queen Bee, a shop with cute shoes which also has my size (EU 39-40)! This is very rare in Japan, thought the shop is not the cheapest (my shoes cost around 10,000 Yen). I bought an elegant pair of Lolita heels. Then I looked through all the Lolita shops, they also have a Kera Shop there with the smaller brands (MmM, JetJ, Triple Fortune etc.). Then we went to Closet Child and Maiden Clothing. Sadly I didn't found anything that would fit me (otherwise I could have bought at least 20 dresses xD).

As a last shop for that day we went to Skinholic, a store for korean make-up. I bought several items there, I have to say korean make-up generally has good quality and is not too expensive either. There are also several other make-up stores around this one as well, but I thought that I already bought enough so I didn't checked them out.

In the evening we visited the @home Maid Café in Akihabara. It was really cute there and the maids themselves were lovely and not weird at all! However the male guests (and the fact that we were the only female guests there) were quite weird xD. We ordered a Dessert + Drink + Photo set. I choosed a "shake" drink because then you have to "prepare" the drink with the Maid in a cute way. As a dessert I choosed a fruit parfait, and it was sooo cute decorated, and delicious as well (I love how they do whipped cream in Japan). Then they asked us to do the picture with the maid (you can choose your favorite one but I just chose the one who took our order xD). I wanted to do the picture without my mother but they wanted to do it together and I didn't knew how to say it ^^'. Well next time I make sure I can do it alone.

2nd day Tokyo:
First point today was visiting the Akiba owl café. It isn't actually a café, more a room with around 20 owls (you cannot order any food or drinks). You need to make a reservation 3 days before, so only a small group of people can enter at the same time. Before we could enter, we got a booklet in english with the security rules and detailed information about why and how you can have owls as a pet. I don't know anything about appropiate living condition for owls, but at least the owner seemed to put a lot of thought into it. When we were allowed to enter the room, the staff explained the rules again to make everything safe for the owls (and of course for the guests too). Finally we were allowed to go around and touch the owls carefully, and also hold them. I only hold a very small one for a short time because I was wearing a Lolita dress and I was afraid he would need to **** xD. But this owl was the cutest, it was so tiny and he always stared at you if you was walking by. My mom was holding a huge one! After 45min you had to leave, but everyone got a professional picture with their owl (they printed it out with a cute design, but later you get send it per e-mail as well). You could also take tons of pictures with your own camera. I can really recommend this café (, 1500yen per hour).

The picture I got with e-mail
My favorite owl (*o*)

After this we went to Harajuku. First stop was the Kawaii Monster Café. Everything was really colorful and perfectly designed, even the toilet! One visitor had her birthday, so they made a little show for her.

I wished we could have sit here, but we couldn't choose it? ^^'

Then we went shopping. First we checked out the famous Laforet shopping mall, the heaven for all Lolitas. At Angelic Pretty I found a cute bracelet I always wanted to have, as well as some wrist cuffs. When I bought it, I got a cute cookie as a gift! I also found the Koi Koi Floral Cards dress at Metamorphose, which was supposed to be completely sold-out, they even made a made-to-order for it! But it was hanging on a special rack with stuff you could only get at Laforet (a sign said so xD). I was happy that I could try it on, but sadly it didn't fit. At Laforet I also found a super cute cat-themed store, where I bought a super cute bag. I also bought a lipstick at Ladurée, and when you pay, you are asked to take a seat and the staff goes down on her knees to explain everything and take your money etc. They really want to make you feel like a princess.

Afterwards I went to Prisila to buy tons of hair pieces. Then we entered the famous Takeshita Dori to check out all the stores. We ate a delicious crêpe at Angel Crêpes. At Bodyline I found a pair of boots which I already saw online, but didn't exist in my size. However I could try them on there and found out that they run bigger. Then we entered Closed Child, where I found a dress and a huge Usakumya bag I wanted for ages. I also bought the famous heart backpack at Wego (I love the new Ita-bag trend and I want to make one with my Angelic Pretty pins ^^).

Monday, June 27, 2016

My trip to Japan - Kyoto (Day 3-4)

3rd day Kyoto:
First I want to show you the breakfast of our hotel! It looks like an expensive dinner course and it tasted delicious!

Today we visited Nara. The deers are really cute and everywhere! But it is hard to take a picture with them or touch them, except you have food. Then they will run to you xD. Some of them were standing on the street and as long as you didn't touch them, they wouldn't move a cm, even if you were really close to them. Some also came to check out your bags xD.

We were also visiting the Todaiji temple. Inside is a huuuge buddha statue, it is really impressive.

Around 13-14h we went back to Kyoto, and after having lunch, we tried to find a parasol. We had to search through nearly all shops in the mall to find one >_<. Then we went to a Cream Soda café, which seemed to be really popular among the Japanese. We ordered a Melon Cream Soda and a pancake. It was very delicious and the pancake was sooo fluffy.

In the evening, we went to the famous Gion quarter. Of course we didn't saw any Maikos, but tons of tourists xD.

4th day Kyoto:
Today we visited Kinkakuji, the famous golden temple. It is really pretty, but quite small. So after 10mins we were already finished with the temple and bought a shaved ice.

Then we drove to the Arashiyama bamboo forest. It was windy that day, so the noise of the moving bamboo trees was a little scary, it sounded like they would crack every moment. An interesting experience. Then we searched for the small Gioji temple, we were a little lost, but an old japanese man asked us if we need help and showed us the way! He also said the temple was very old and very calm. After a quite long walk we found it. It is famous for the moss garden and it was indeed very quite there. I think not many tourists go there because it is a little off the beat.

Then we searched for the next bus stop and and coincidently the famous Saga Toriimoto street, a street with old historical buildings. But it is not as impressive as the Higashiyama district. We continued our search for the bus station and found a sign with the direction, however when we arrived at the "main street", we couldn't find it. We were in the middle of nowhere, luckily like always you will find a vending machine there and luckily there was a guy filling them up. We asked him (yay for my basic japanese skills xD) and he didn't knew it, but directly RUN to the next house and asked someone there for us (japanese people are really kind!). The bus station was just a few meters away but hard to see, because there wasn't any pedestrians walk, so it was just a small sign.

Luckily the bus drove into a known direction and after 1 hour driving randomly through Kyoto, we came across Nijo castle and left the bus there to visit it. It is really huge, so we didn't visited the whole thing because we already walked so much that day.

In the evening we went to eat eel and I ordered Natto. I have never eaten it before, but I was very curious because the dish is famous for being loved by Japanese people but hated by foreingers (because it should taste aweful). But I have to say the taste is normal, it doesn't taste aweful at all. It just tastes like beans. However the consistence is veeery slimy and sticky, I guess most people don't like it because of this. After this we visited Book-off, a 2nd hand book store, and I found some Lolita Bibles, a newer one and also very old ones (issue 2). I bought 4 of them. They also had Otome No Sewing, but I didn't liked the cuts there (I can't sew yet but I want to learn it).

Thursday, June 23, 2016

My trip to Japan - Kyoto (Day 1-2)

1st day Kyoto: 
We arrived at our hotel around 12h. I originally planned to use this day already for intense sight-seeing, since we arrived so early, but instead we were so tiered and hungry from the flight, that we went eating and shopping first to wait until our room was ready, and then took a shower and looked through more shops xD. Our hotel is directly at the big shopping street Taramachi Dori. We also went to Metamorphose. The shop is SO CUTE. Our hotel is so awesome. We get free water and drinks, and the japanese breakfast is like some of the traditional dinner sets you get at restaurants. Also the shower is so great! The hotel is like a 4star hotel but really not expensive (60€ per night per person). And the streets are also great, the pedestrian walks have roofs and play music. Also all the traffic lights make noises when they turn green. We ate some delicious Okomomiyaki for dinner.

Dat fancy sign xD

2nd day Kyoto: 
On our 2nd day, we finally started sightseeing. Our first stop was the famous Maruyama park with the Yasaka shrine. We were there quite early so there were barely any people. The park is really pretty and has a nice atmosphere. I found it funny that there were tons of mini-shrines and you just have to throw some money in and then ring the bell to get your luck xD. Then we visited the Kodaiji temple. It was also beautyful to look at the garden and buildings and to take a stroll to the hill-ish temple park. After this we just followed the crowds through the Higashiyama district. There are many small streets on a hill full of traditional buildings. It is a very scenic view. However it became quite full, because there were TONS of school classes visiting.

Entrace of Maruyama park
Some building from the Yasaka shrine
Just for the glory of the vending machine you can literally find everywhere
Beautiful garden at the Maruyama park

We became hungry so we visited the Hello Kitty Café there. It is sooo cute and sooo detailed. Even the washing sink in the bathroom had a Hello Kitty on it. The food was also delicious. I ate some noodles with a sauce which was declared as Kyoto cuisine.

This was an actual small tea house just build for Hello Kitty

I may or may not have asked my mother to go to the bathroom again to take some pictures xD
Then we visited the very famous Kiyomizudera temple. On pictures on the internet, the temple looks very scenic, especially the water-thingy, but when we visited the temple, it was just full! And the water-thingy was much smaller than expected xD. Then we went to the Fushimi Inari shrine, the one with the hundrets of red gates. But here again, I expected it to be very scenic but it was just super full. We didn't even took the "official" start of the gate walk, instead we saw a quite empty part of the walk on the side, so we just went there a little bit and then left. I think this shrine a can have a great atmosphere but you should visit it early in the morning to enjoy it. The last point of our day was the Ginkakuji temple (the silver temple which is not silver at all xD). First we went into the wrong direction, but it was good since we found the Kamagowa delta this way, a large river where you could jump over stones to reach the opposite bank. Of course we did it too. Then we had to take a veeery long walk of 30mins to the temple. When we finally reached it, it was a little disappointing, because it was so small. We left after 10mins I think.

Then we had a delicious shaved ice! In the evening we visited the Btssb and Angelic Pretty. I bought some cute socks at AP which I already saw online and wanted to have. Then we bought something from the Konbini for dinner.

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