Thursday, June 23, 2016

My trip to Japan - Kyoto (Day 1-2)

1st day Kyoto: 
We arrived at our hotel around 12h. I originally planned to use this day already for intense sight-seeing, since we arrived so early, but instead we were so tiered and hungry from the flight, that we went eating and shopping first to wait until our room was ready, and then took a shower and looked through more shops xD. Our hotel is directly at the big shopping street Taramachi Dori. We also went to Metamorphose. The shop is SO CUTE. Our hotel is so awesome. We get free water and drinks, and the japanese breakfast is like some of the traditional dinner sets you get at restaurants. Also the shower is so great! The hotel is like a 4star hotel but really not expensive (60€ per night per person). And the streets are also great, the pedestrian walks have roofs and play music. Also all the traffic lights make noises when they turn green. We ate some delicious Okomomiyaki for dinner.

Dat fancy sign xD

2nd day Kyoto: 
On our 2nd day, we finally started sightseeing. Our first stop was the famous Maruyama park with the Yasaka shrine. We were there quite early so there were barely any people. The park is really pretty and has a nice atmosphere. I found it funny that there were tons of mini-shrines and you just have to throw some money in and then ring the bell to get your luck xD. Then we visited the Kodaiji temple. It was also beautyful to look at the garden and buildings and to take a stroll to the hill-ish temple park. After this we just followed the crowds through the Higashiyama district. There are many small streets on a hill full of traditional buildings. It is a very scenic view. However it became quite full, because there were TONS of school classes visiting.

Entrace of Maruyama park
Some building from the Yasaka shrine
Just for the glory of the vending machine you can literally find everywhere
Beautiful garden at the Maruyama park

We became hungry so we visited the Hello Kitty Café there. It is sooo cute and sooo detailed. Even the washing sink in the bathroom had a Hello Kitty on it. The food was also delicious. I ate some noodles with a sauce which was declared as Kyoto cuisine.

This was an actual small tea house just build for Hello Kitty

I may or may not have asked my mother to go to the bathroom again to take some pictures xD
Then we visited the very famous Kiyomizudera temple. On pictures on the internet, the temple looks very scenic, especially the water-thingy, but when we visited the temple, it was just full! And the water-thingy was much smaller than expected xD. Then we went to the Fushimi Inari shrine, the one with the hundrets of red gates. But here again, I expected it to be very scenic but it was just super full. We didn't even took the "official" start of the gate walk, instead we saw a quite empty part of the walk on the side, so we just went there a little bit and then left. I think this shrine a can have a great atmosphere but you should visit it early in the morning to enjoy it. The last point of our day was the Ginkakuji temple (the silver temple which is not silver at all xD). First we went into the wrong direction, but it was good since we found the Kamagowa delta this way, a large river where you could jump over stones to reach the opposite bank. Of course we did it too. Then we had to take a veeery long walk of 30mins to the temple. When we finally reached it, it was a little disappointing, because it was so small. We left after 10mins I think.

Then we had a delicious shaved ice! In the evening we visited the Btssb and Angelic Pretty. I bought some cute socks at AP which I already saw online and wanted to have. Then we bought something from the Konbini for dinner.

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