Monday, June 27, 2016

My trip to Japan - Kyoto (Day 3-4)

3rd day Kyoto:
First I want to show you the breakfast of our hotel! It looks like an expensive dinner course and it tasted delicious!

Today we visited Nara. The deers are really cute and everywhere! But it is hard to take a picture with them or touch them, except you have food. Then they will run to you xD. Some of them were standing on the street and as long as you didn't touch them, they wouldn't move a cm, even if you were really close to them. Some also came to check out your bags xD.

We were also visiting the Todaiji temple. Inside is a huuuge buddha statue, it is really impressive.

Around 13-14h we went back to Kyoto, and after having lunch, we tried to find a parasol. We had to search through nearly all shops in the mall to find one >_<. Then we went to a Cream Soda café, which seemed to be really popular among the Japanese. We ordered a Melon Cream Soda and a pancake. It was very delicious and the pancake was sooo fluffy.

In the evening, we went to the famous Gion quarter. Of course we didn't saw any Maikos, but tons of tourists xD.

4th day Kyoto:
Today we visited Kinkakuji, the famous golden temple. It is really pretty, but quite small. So after 10mins we were already finished with the temple and bought a shaved ice.

Then we drove to the Arashiyama bamboo forest. It was windy that day, so the noise of the moving bamboo trees was a little scary, it sounded like they would crack every moment. An interesting experience. Then we searched for the small Gioji temple, we were a little lost, but an old japanese man asked us if we need help and showed us the way! He also said the temple was very old and very calm. After a quite long walk we found it. It is famous for the moss garden and it was indeed very quite there. I think not many tourists go there because it is a little off the beat.

Then we searched for the next bus stop and and coincidently the famous Saga Toriimoto street, a street with old historical buildings. But it is not as impressive as the Higashiyama district. We continued our search for the bus station and found a sign with the direction, however when we arrived at the "main street", we couldn't find it. We were in the middle of nowhere, luckily like always you will find a vending machine there and luckily there was a guy filling them up. We asked him (yay for my basic japanese skills xD) and he didn't knew it, but directly RUN to the next house and asked someone there for us (japanese people are really kind!). The bus station was just a few meters away but hard to see, because there wasn't any pedestrians walk, so it was just a small sign.

Luckily the bus drove into a known direction and after 1 hour driving randomly through Kyoto, we came across Nijo castle and left the bus there to visit it. It is really huge, so we didn't visited the whole thing because we already walked so much that day.

In the evening we went to eat eel and I ordered Natto. I have never eaten it before, but I was very curious because the dish is famous for being loved by Japanese people but hated by foreingers (because it should taste aweful). But I have to say the taste is normal, it doesn't taste aweful at all. It just tastes like beans. However the consistence is veeery slimy and sticky, I guess most people don't like it because of this. After this we visited Book-off, a 2nd hand book store, and I found some Lolita Bibles, a newer one and also very old ones (issue 2). I bought 4 of them. They also had Otome No Sewing, but I didn't liked the cuts there (I can't sew yet but I want to learn it).

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