Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My trip to Japan - Tokyo (Day 5-6)

1st day Tokyo:
Today we took an early Shinkansen to Tokyo! After checking-in at our hotel, I decided to spend our first day in Shinjuku (I thought it would be a better idea not to spend it in Harajuku, so I wouldn't be overwhelmed with all the stuff you can buy xD). The first stop was the Lumine Est shopping mall directly inside the Shinjuku station, which is great for make-up shopping. I wanted to go to Econeco, which has make-up and other items in the cutest design ever! I wanted to buy everything but it was a little pricey, so I only bought a blush (my new favorite one!). I also run into the Etude House store were I bought a few things. Then we got hungry and went to the restaurant floor. I ordered a delicious lunch menu with typical japanese dishes (Gyoza, garlic fried rice and simple tantanmen soup).

Later we went to the Mylord shopping mall for the Axes Femme store, but I didn't bought anything there. Then it was time for the Mauri Annex shopping mall to visit all the Lolita stores! On our way up I accidently run into Queen Bee, a shop with cute shoes which also has my size (EU 39-40)! This is very rare in Japan, thought the shop is not the cheapest (my shoes cost around 10,000 Yen). I bought an elegant pair of Lolita heels. Then I looked through all the Lolita shops, they also have a Kera Shop there with the smaller brands (MmM, JetJ, Triple Fortune etc.). Then we went to Closet Child and Maiden Clothing. Sadly I didn't found anything that would fit me (otherwise I could have bought at least 20 dresses xD).

As a last shop for that day we went to Skinholic, a store for korean make-up. I bought several items there, I have to say korean make-up generally has good quality and is not too expensive either. There are also several other make-up stores around this one as well, but I thought that I already bought enough so I didn't checked them out.

In the evening we visited the @home Maid Café in Akihabara. It was really cute there and the maids themselves were lovely and not weird at all! However the male guests (and the fact that we were the only female guests there) were quite weird xD. We ordered a Dessert + Drink + Photo set. I choosed a "shake" drink because then you have to "prepare" the drink with the Maid in a cute way. As a dessert I choosed a fruit parfait, and it was sooo cute decorated, and delicious as well (I love how they do whipped cream in Japan). Then they asked us to do the picture with the maid (you can choose your favorite one but I just chose the one who took our order xD). I wanted to do the picture without my mother but they wanted to do it together and I didn't knew how to say it ^^'. Well next time I make sure I can do it alone.

2nd day Tokyo:
First point today was visiting the Akiba owl café. It isn't actually a café, more a room with around 20 owls (you cannot order any food or drinks). You need to make a reservation 3 days before, so only a small group of people can enter at the same time. Before we could enter, we got a booklet in english with the security rules and detailed information about why and how you can have owls as a pet. I don't know anything about appropiate living condition for owls, but at least the owner seemed to put a lot of thought into it. When we were allowed to enter the room, the staff explained the rules again to make everything safe for the owls (and of course for the guests too). Finally we were allowed to go around and touch the owls carefully, and also hold them. I only hold a very small one for a short time because I was wearing a Lolita dress and I was afraid he would need to **** xD. But this owl was the cutest, it was so tiny and he always stared at you if you was walking by. My mom was holding a huge one! After 45min you had to leave, but everyone got a professional picture with their owl (they printed it out with a cute design, but later you get send it per e-mail as well). You could also take tons of pictures with your own camera. I can really recommend this café (http://akiba2960.com/, 1500yen per hour).

The picture I got with e-mail
My favorite owl (*o*)

After this we went to Harajuku. First stop was the Kawaii Monster Café. Everything was really colorful and perfectly designed, even the toilet! One visitor had her birthday, so they made a little show for her.

I wished we could have sit here, but we couldn't choose it? ^^'

Then we went shopping. First we checked out the famous Laforet shopping mall, the heaven for all Lolitas. At Angelic Pretty I found a cute bracelet I always wanted to have, as well as some wrist cuffs. When I bought it, I got a cute cookie as a gift! I also found the Koi Koi Floral Cards dress at Metamorphose, which was supposed to be completely sold-out, they even made a made-to-order for it! But it was hanging on a special rack with stuff you could only get at Laforet (a sign said so xD). I was happy that I could try it on, but sadly it didn't fit. At Laforet I also found a super cute cat-themed store, where I bought a super cute bag. I also bought a lipstick at Ladurée, and when you pay, you are asked to take a seat and the staff goes down on her knees to explain everything and take your money etc. They really want to make you feel like a princess.

Afterwards I went to Prisila to buy tons of hair pieces. Then we entered the famous Takeshita Dori to check out all the stores. We ate a delicious crêpe at Angel Crêpes. At Bodyline I found a pair of boots which I already saw online, but didn't exist in my size. However I could try them on there and found out that they run bigger. Then we entered Closed Child, where I found a dress and a huge Usakumya bag I wanted for ages. I also bought the famous heart backpack at Wego (I love the new Ita-bag trend and I want to make one with my Angelic Pretty pins ^^).

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