Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My trip to Japan - Tokyo (Day 7-8)

3rd day Tokyo:
Today our first stop was Shibuya. I wanted to visit Ruby Rose at 109, but it closed not long ago ;_; And I wanted to visit Punyus, the plus-size store, but the clothes looked so boring that I didn't even entered it xD. However I bought several items from the My Melody shop. Then we went eating at Sweets Paradise. It is a cake all-you-can-eat, the food tasted good but wasn't overwhelming. But I loved the curry xD.

Then we went to Maxicimam, and it was like PARADISE for me. I'm chubby so I can't find many Lolita clothes that fit me, but some of their items even were too big for me. So if you have size-problems, check this store out, I think they even have more items stocked in plus-size than in regular size (they also have a description on their door, that their "lovely size" is for americans and europeans xD).

4th day Tokyo:
Our first stops were the Meji shrine and Yoyogi Park. There we visited a beautiful scenic garden with turtles and Kois in the lake, lillies (this was the main attraction of the garden), and a real water spring. I loved the calm atmosphere there. The shrine itself is not that interesting (compared to the ones in Kyoto).

Later we went back to Closet Child because it was Saturday and I wanted to check out if they have any new items in their store, and if they have a matching skirt for my new Maxicimam sailor hoodie. They didn't had many new things, but this time I took more time to check everything out and I ended up with 2 dresses, 2 skirts and 1 cardigan. All brand for cheap :D. We also went back to Prisila to buy 2 more hair pieces. The rest of the day we spend strolling through Harajuku again.

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