Thursday, June 30, 2016

My trip to Japan - Tokyo (Day 9-10)

5th day Tokyo:
Today we first went to the Imperial Palace and wanted to visit the East Garden. However it is closed on mondays so we couldn't enter it. So we strolled alongside the outer walls to see the huge space infront of the palace area and watched the turtles, kois and swans in the water. I found the contrast between the traditional palace and the modern business district directly next to it very interesting.

Then we decided to go to Asakusa and visit the temple there. I didn't wanted to go there because I heard there were many tourist scammers, but we didn't saw any of them. We went through the long souvenir shop street and bought a black sesame icecream, very delicious! Btw I think this is the nearly the only place where you can buy souvenirs in Tokyo (in Kyoto you find such shops at every street corner). Then we continued our way to the temple. It is nice to watch but smaller than I expected.

Afterwards we went to Yurakucho, which is famous for the many tiny restaurants build under the bridge. However we might have gone in the wrong direction, because the part we found wasn't really impressing. Then we didn't had much to do anymore, Tokyo really doesn't have that many sightseeing objects, so we were just strolling around a mall in Ginza with a huge Sanrio store, of course including some expensive Hello Kitty stuff (Ginza is famous for its luxury shops).

Then we went to Shinjuku again because we were searching a restaurant and I could remember that at Lumine Est they have many nice ones. We wanted to eat something typical japanese and ended up in a Hawaii restaurant eating a taco dish xD. But it was really delicious!

Then we went back to the Clothed Child in Shinjuku because I saw a beautiful AP dress I wanted to try on. It was still there but sadly didn't fit by a few cm. We also went inside a Pachinko hall because I wanted to show my mother that famous game (of course we didn't played, just watched). The halls are always so loud, you can't hear your own voice D: On our way back to the Shinjuku station we saw a street which looked exactly like Yurakucho was supposed to look. We decided to come back here the next day for lunch. Then we went back to Harajuku because we wanted to go to Daiso again and I also stopped at Laforet to visit the Angelic Pretty store because I wanted to admire their newest release (Antonette Decoration - sooo beautiful!). We also visited the cat-themed store again where I already bought a shoulder bag. My mom and I fell in love with the cutest coin purse ever and bought the last 2 ones available!

6th day Tokyo:
Today we went back to the Imperial Palace East Garden as it was open today. The garden is HUGE and you can easily spend 1+ hour there. The entry is free and it is sooo beautiful, even better than the garden in Yoyogi park which I also already loved.

Then we drove to Shinjuku for the Omoide Yokocho street we saw yesterday, which is full of tiny Yakitori restaurants. In the restaurant we entered there were three old man sitting and they waved at us and wanted to talk to us. But they only could talk japanese and the waitress told them something like that we only speak english and don't want to be disturbed xD. The food was delicious thought quite expensive for the amount of meat you get (and you have to pay a table fee where you have to buy a plate of soy beans). But if I would speak japanese I would go back there just to talk to the people, I think it's normal there xD.

Then we went to Tokyu Hands to buy another travel bag, since we only brought 1 extra bag for shopping stuff, but it seemed it was too small and I didn't wanted to squeeze my stuff. Usually luggages are very expensive in Japan, but I found one for 20€. Since we still didn't had any plans, we went back to Harajuku again because my mom wanted to buy a purse from that cute cat-themed shop for my sister too, and when I was thinking about buying the matching make-up bag, she gave it to mee as a present too *_*. Then I wanted to visit Kiddyland, which has merchandise of EVERYTHING, but I didn't found anything interesting. We also ate another delicious crêpe!

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