Friday, June 17, 2016

Under the Sea - Day 3 - Tea Party

On sunday was the Tea Party, which was at the very luxurious Amstel Hotel. I always like to visit such fancy places for the Tea Parties, and I like to watch the reactions of the staff and other guests when they see us xD.

The Tea Party started with a game, where everyone had a card with one half of a print name, and you should search for the matching other half. However the game was over within 20 seconds, because I guess some people had matching cards at their table. The first winners of the game were actually at my table, because the matching cards were right next to each other. They won some japanese and dutch candy.

After this, the hotel staff started to bring the Tea Party food and tea.

After we finished the food, we had a lot of free time, because the Tea Party didn't had a program. Vicky and I decided to get a picture with every special guest. Some people wanted to take a picture with Akira, and suddenly there was a huge line of people waiting to get a Kabedon-like picture with Akira! Haha it was really funny to watch because all girls got embarassed by the poses of Akira, and you constantly heard screaming and laughter xD. I'm not such a fangirl of Akira, but actually I also got embarassed when I took a picture with her, because she came really close to my face, like REALLY close xD. And the best part were the JetJ designers, who were screaming the whole time too and took a picture of literally everyone doing Kabedon with Akira xD.

Generally the atmosphere was really relaxed and I was amazed how relaxed and talkative the special guests were. Often it happens that the guests at such events are reserved and distant because of the language barrier or just because of their character, but the guests really tried to interact with everyone and tried to say something in english! This was what made the Tea Party special, even if it got a little boring inbetween because there was not much program.

The special guests and all the organizers
Some of the special guests - they were so lovely!

When the Tea Party came closer to the end, it was time for the outfit competition and raffle. Every special guest should choose an outfit, and you could really see that some of the guests already thought about before which outfit they want to choose. Others did it more spontaneously, but it was also ok ^^ Of course the most exciting moment was when Akira should choose her favorite outfit, because the special price was Kabedon, and then she went straight to a guy in Kodona, who was quite old, and it was really funny when she did Kabedon with him. Of course the whole room was screaming and laughing when she did it!

There was also a raffle at the Tea Party, and again they had great prizes and also a lot of them. You had at least a 50% chance to win something, but I didn't won anything again. The last action was the group picture, and this time I went to the back, which ended up that I wasn't in the group picture at all haha xD.

After the Tea Party, Vicky and me changed back to our normal clothes, and it was quite funny when some of the guests saw us and said that we look so different, but still kawaii xD. And they even said goodbye to us because we were one of the last people leaving the venue.

Since we had time until our train came, we went to an indonese restaurant to have a traditional Rijsttafel. The staff in the restaurant was really nice and they were wearing the traditional indoese clothes. It was so much food that we left around 1/3 of it, the waiter even had fear that it didn't tasted good for us, but it was just a really big portion, and I don't like to stuff myself.

Then we went to the central station through the shopping disctrict, which was closed because it was sunday, but I have to say Amsterdam really has some amazing stores, if I would knew it before I would have planned a day for shopping xD. I will definitly come back one day for shopping xD. They even had a store with jewellery which is often featured in the GLB!

The Michal Negrin store

When we arrived at the central station, we were waiting in front of the information board for our train to show up, when a staff member came to us and asked us which train we want to take, and then told us that our train was cancelled and the last train to Germany left 1 hour ago. Somehow I really stayed calm, I guess because of the nice event I was still full of positive feelings, and luckily we soon found out that we didn't had to sleep at the central station, just wait until 10 pm for a bus. I was nervous the whole time if the bus will really come (everyone who knows Deutsche Bahn knows how reliable they are), but they actually managed to arrange a bus for us in time, and even a really modern one. The staff told us, that they wrote an e-mail about the cancellation to all passengers a few days before, but I checked my e-mail and I really didn't got one. But in total we were only 12 people in the bus, considering that the train usually carries a few hundred people, we really were the few unlucky ones >_< (However many other Germans had a lot of problems with their trains and hotels too, so there really was a curse over Amsterdam this weekend D: )

I was a little sad that this situation put a negatice ending to our wonderful trip, but when I came home, I found a letter with my tax refund, and I was really happy again :D

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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