Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Berlin - Urban Fairytale event

Hello dears!

Last weekend I travelled to Berlin for the Urban Fairytale event. I decided it quite spontaneously after the event in Amsterdam, because I was a little sad that I didn't had any other Lolita events I could look forward to (back then the AP Tea Party wasn't announced yet). But I only wanted to go if it would be cheap, and I saw a girl selling her sunday ticket cheaper than the original price, so I only visited the sunday event and not both days.

On Saturday I travelled together with Mabu and we needed 5 hours by train. We arrived around 2pm and after dropping my luggage at the hotel, we met with some other Lolitas (who also wanted to only visit the sunday event) and went to the J-Store. The shop is quite small, but it has a good selection of Lolita magazines (of course overpriced but still 2€ cheaper than the shops in Düsseldorf xD) and it even sells a few Lolita items from Innocent World and Angelic Pretty, and J-fashion items from Milklim and Ragtag (overpriced as well). But it has a very awesome thing which is a Purikura machine!!! Mabu and I decided to use it, and as visitors from the Urban Fairytale event, we even got 2€ discount. So we paid a total of 6€, which I think is a very good price. I also bought an Angelic Pretty magazine there and a small towel (in Japan you can buy them everywhere, however I didn't found any cute ones for such a cheap price).

In the store we also met Quini, with who I shared my hotel room. Then we continued our way to Uniqlo. My friend really wanted to see it because it is a japanese brand, however it is not what you would expect (most people hope it's like Liz Lisa, but it's more like H&M, even less fancy). Since we were hungry, we visited a japanese restaurant. Then we wanted to get refreshed and went back to the hotel. In the evening, Quini, Mabu and me met again to drink some cocktails. In the bar was a Martini promoter, so we got a Martini drink for free hehe.

On Sunday it was finally time for the event. Since we had to check out from the hotel quite early, we had time to kill and decided to already go to the location of the event and take some pictures. We also met some other Lolitas there who had to check out early, so we spend almost the whole time taking pictures. Then I got a little hungry and decided to quickly grab an icecream before the event.

Finally the event started and we were allowed to enter. Everyone got a goodie bag, even non-VIP ticket holders, so I got a cute Btssb necklace! My first stop was the dealers room and after greeting my friends who also sold there, I directly went to Moon Bunny for their incredible cute items! I had a hard time to decide what NOT to buy, since I wanted to buy everything! But I only want to buy things I can use for outfits I already own, so I bought a mermaid bunny bag-chain, and later I went back to the stall and bought cookie bunny earrings and a necklace.

The dealers' room, there were more stalls behind me

Then I went to the Btssb stall to admire all the items. I expected they would only bring left-overs and sell it for really high prices like in the Paris shop, but actually they brought a nice selection of dresses and sold most of the stuff for really good prices (e.g. Kumya-chan JSK 28000 Yen costed 214€, which is even better than the current exchange rate! In Paris it costs 322€). Otherwise they didn't brought that much stuff, a lot of flower-veil headpieces, some socks and a little jewellery. To my surprise they even brought several Usakumya bags, and I was so happy, because I looove Usakumya!!! It was the only item which didn't had such a good price, but still cheaper than in Paris, and I really wanted one. But I only brought a little amount of money with me, because I spent enough money the last weeks and I'm bad at handling it. BUT later during the event, I came back to the stall and asked if I can only pay with cash, and then they told me I can also pay with Paypal!!! I was sooo happy that I could add another Usakumya to my family *o*

I bought the small one on the right *o*

The first program point was the Btssb fashion show. It was nice to see and I think they also showed some dresses which are not released yet. After this the indie brand fashion show started. I already knew some of the outfits from the Amsterdam fashion show, but this time the chairs were really close to the stage and the light was really good, so I could see more details of the outfits and admire the quality even more!

Then it was time for the Bring&Buy, the most important program point xD. It was very well organized, they only let in a few people at a time, and they had enough hangers for all the dresses. Since I didn't wanted to make any big purchases I mostly looked at the accessories, but there weren't many of them. However I brought two items for sale myself and I was happy that I could sell both of them! I saw many girls leaving the Bring&Buy happily, so I think it was a great success.

The Bring & Buy

Since I got a little hungry again, I decided to get two of the tiny cupcakes and a drink. Everyone got a coupon for 1 free drink, but non-VIP ticket holders had to pay for the food. However it was quite cheap, 1€ for a piece of cake, 0.70€ for a tiny cupcake, and 0.80€ for additional drinks.

Then I was just wandering around the rooms, when I saw that you could take pictures with the Btssb guests. Quickly afterwards the autograph session with the Btssb guests started. I found it sooooo cute that the Btssb model drew a Usakumya with her autograph *o*

Some items from the goodie bag + the autograph

Then I kinda missed some of the program, I just forgot to pay attention to it xD. I missed the outfit competition, most of the Printalicious game and almost the group picture haha. And then the event was already over!

My purchases from Btssb and Moon Bunny - yes I love bunnies *o*

All in all the event was very well organized and really great! I think many people were a little sceptical, but now that I visited the event, I regret a little that I only went for one day! There were many stalls to shop from, good prices at the Btssb stall, a well organized Bring&Buy, affordable food, funny games, a good oportunity to take pictures with the guests and get autographs from them, and there was even a photo corner and several photographers to get a nice outfit shot. And the rooms were cool even though it was super hot outside, this was actually my biggest fear.
However there were not that many visitors, I expected around 300 people like in Amsterdam, but it were like 120. And 90% were german, I guess this is why there weren't so many people, because barely any foreingers came.

Btw Sana was also a special guest at the event, but he didn't really had a part in the sunday event, despite being a model in the Btssb fashion show (he is a visual kei music artist).

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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