Monday, July 18, 2016

Paris 2016 - Day 2 - AP Tea Party

I woke up quite early to get ready for the Tea Party. I wanted to wear the dress I bought the day before at the Angelic Pretty store. Many people asked me if I planned to buy my Tea Party outfit at the store or if I decided it spontaneously: I actually planned to find a new dress for the Tea Party, I had another outfit with me but I have worn that dress already last year, so I hoped for something new. And since you can combine nearly every AP dress with pink, I really just swapped the dress of my outfit, everything else stayed the same :D

After I got ready I had two hours left until the Tea Party, I didn't knew what to do so I just went to the AP store to see if I could meet some people I know. And luckily there were some people, so I could talk a little and take outfit pictures. Then I decided to pick up some Macarons from Ladurée because I really wanted to eat some.

Then it was already time to go to the location and after waiting a little we could enter the Tea Party room! The Tea Party started at 13:00h and we were welcomed by the translator and new shop manager of AP Paris. Then we should wait for the fashion show and could use the time to take pictures of the room, outfits etc.

The Tea Party room
Each place with a paper for the outfit competition
A special Pullip which wasn't released yet, but already displayed there

The fashion show should start at 13:30h but it started around 14:00h, so we had to wait very long without doing anything :(. The fashion show was very nice, it was the first time ever we had a big fashion show with many outfits in Paris, however I have to say after a while it got boring, the show was at least 30 minutes? But I liked that it wasn't allowed to take pictures during the show, I find all the mobile phones quite distracting. There were several (professional) photographers who took pictures of everything (not only the fashion show), which I really liked, however I think they will need some weeks to upload any pictures :(. However at the end of the show, we were allowed to take a picture of all models, and we had 30 seconds time for it xD.

Then it was time for food and they brought in a huge cake to celebrate the opening of the store. The cake was completely fake and they didn't even took much effort to make it look somewhat awesome. It looked like they use this fake cake very often xD. Then we got served our piece of cake and some petit fours. Like last year it wasn't that much food and I was lucky that my neightbour didn't liked cake so I could eat hers :D

After this we should all go around and choose our favorite outfit for the best dressed competition.

Then it was already time for the raffle. In the announcement of the Tea Party they wrote "Raffle with presents for everyone", but this was a mistranslation I guess, because they were not prizes for everyone... I also didn't won anything, but at least you still get a small gift, this year it was a postcard.

Then they announced that there is another opportunity to win something. They wanted to play the game "scissors, store, paper" and 5 people could win something. First we should play the game within our table, and the winner then can play against the star guests to win a prize. However nobody understood how you should play that game with 10 people (at least our table didn't). So in the end we just decided that one of us who didn't won anything during the raffle could go.

Some of the raffle prizes (the other ones were tights and small Dolly Cat pouches)
One of the two super special raffle prizes

After this the winners of the outfit competition were announced. I'm not a fan of outfit competitions because everyone puts in a lot of effort, but otherwise it is a pleasure to see how happy the winners are :)

The prizes for the 3 outfit winners

Then the Tea Party was almost over, we took a group picture and everyone got a present. This year we got a special Paris totebag as well as a button and a postcard.

The top 3 items are the presents everyone got; the strawberry postcard was the not-raffle prize xD, the other cards were the Tea Party ticket and outfit competition number

Since I had to catch my train, I had to leave directly and couldn't stay any extra minute, so I couldn't take a picture with Maki and Asuka :(((

On my way home I ate some of my Macarons (nothing special to eat cookies worth 21€ at the train xD).

~*~ Honestly I have to say, I was quite disappointed with the Tea Party this year :( First there wasn't ANY opportunity to take pictures with the special guests. They brought 3 guests (Rinrin Doll, Risa Nakamura, Chikage), but they were only part of the fashion show. Also, there was no opportunity to take pictures with Maki and Asuka. After the Tea Party they came outside but mainly wanted to meet some japanese guys who were also invited to the Tea Party (business partners or something??), but some girls asked them if they could take a picture with them, and they said yes but didn't really smiled in the pictures and looked like they don't really want to take pictures. Also the food was again not a lot (I wonder how 2 years ago they could have sandwhiches, 2 huge real cakes, and tons of petit fours), and the raffle prizes were way worse (even if I didn't won anything I have to say the selection was not that awesome). I'm sure the 85€ was needed for the big room, big stage and big catering for the models, but I expected something really awesome since the Tea Party was advertised as being more special than the years before because of the shop opening, but in reality it just wasn't. Of course I will stay an Angelic Pretty fan, but I hope they can improve again. ~*~

P.S. I don't have a lot of pictures of the Tea Party because I'm waiting for the official pictures, so I will make another post with more pictures.

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