Tuesday, July 26, 2016

REVIEW: Bunny House - petticoat, blouse, boleros

Bunny House is a vietnamese brand which sells petticoats, blouses and cardigans for affordable prices. I bought a petticoat over 1,5 years ago and a blouse + cardigans several months ago. I can really recommend this brand, so I wanted to write a review for you!

Bell-shaped Petticoat
I bought size "super large", which is the poofiest one. And it is indeed really poofy, so poofy that it didn't fit under my dresses and I had to remove a layer. After a few months the petticoat lost its poof a little because all the ruffles were pressed together from sitting etc. and became flat, HOWEVER you can easily make it completely poofy again through ironing it! So I would say you need to iron the petticoat every few months but if you do it, it will stay with you for many years.

Size: The waist AND length is costum size, and it had exactly the measurements I wanted.

Quality: the Tulle is very durable but needs ironing from time to time to make it fluffy again.

Price: 40$ for size "super large" + 20$ shipping

(I ordered the color dark pink, my picture was taken at bad light so it appears more yellow than it really is).

Amethyst Miracle Blouse
I can't tell you how much I love this blouse, it is SO BEAUTIFUL and the quality is amazing! I still can't believe that I get such a great product for such a low price, considering that the blouse is comepletely costum-sized! I can strongly recommend it!

Size: The size is completely costum-made! In fear of getting a too small bouse, I added 2-3cm everywhere but I really didn't had to do it, because they create the blouse very accurate to your measurements. The princess-sleeves are very huge and long, the edge of the sleeve is actually longer than my dresses xD. But this is what I love about the blouse the most!!
Also I want to add that I asked them to remove the elastic + ribbon at the sleeve (because I thought it would look unflattering on me) and they easily could do it :)

Quality: The blouse is made from chiffon. It has a great soft feeling, seems to be very durable and it is not see-through. The buttons are very pretty and the organza ribbons have a great quality too.

Price: 67$ + 5$ plus-size + 15$ shipping

(I ordered the color ivory).

Summer Bouquet Bolero
Again the quality is amazing and the bolero is beautiful! I love it and it fits perfectly to my Angelic Pretty items.

Size: The size is very accurate, exactly how I wanted it. Only the elastic at the arms is a little tight, so I recommend you to add your arm circumfence to your measurements.

Quality: Again the chiffon has a very high quality and is not see-through. I ordered the pink colorway and it is exactly the same color like in the pictures.

Price: 45$ + 5$ plus-size + 15$ shipping

(I ordered the color pink).

KatiƩ Frills Blooming Night Bolero
This is the only item I direclty sold. The size and quality were really great. However I also ordered this one with a little bigger measurements than my actual size, and it ended up too big for me. This wouldn't necessarily be a problem, however the frills around the neck are quite large and were very unflattering for me, because I have a small head and they made my shoulders look really big and my head even smaller. So especially if you are plus-size I don't recommend it if you already have large shoulders and/or a small head.

Price: 58$ + 5$ plus-size + 20$ shipping (however you can combine shipping if you order several items, so I didn't had to pay shipping for each single item).

(I ordered the color pink but the stock picture is white).

I hope this review was helpful and if you have any more questions, you can ask me :)

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