Sunday, September 4, 2016

(Weird) stuff from Japan which I never thought I would love now

Since I started with Lolita, I entered a whole new world! Before, I didn't knew anything about Japan, let alone about an existing "Japan scene" outside of Japan. In my hometown, every summer there is a huge Anime Convention, and before, I always thought it was a gaming convention and people dress in their favourite gaming characters (well not completely wrong, but I just didn't knew that there was a big Japan-related community behind it).

Through Lolita I learned a lot about Japan, and I also got interested to learn more about this country. I'm definitely not a Japan-fan, but there are some things here and there I just fell in love with.

Of course they are NOT weird for me, however they seem weird for other people, and when I heard the first time about them, I was sceptical too, and probably also found them a little weird before I learned more about them. That's why I chose this title, I do not mean it in a negative way!

1. Maids & Maid Cafés
I have to admit, I love Maid outfits, I think they are sooo cute, but I'm afraid of wearing them and looking like a total noob xD. And I also think that I don't have the figure for it, in my size it would really look more weird than cute. When I was in Japan, I visited the @home Maid Café, and the experience was really nice. I love the lovely decorated food, the moe moe spells and of course the cute staff.

2. J-Pop Music
I don't hear a lot of J-Pop, but I became a huge fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and hear her songs almost every day! I also like the old songs of Nana Kitade, acutally hers were the first J-Pop songs I started to hear. I also love Kanon Wakeshima. And sometimes I even hear a few songs of Malice Mizer.

3. Para Para Dance / Odottemita
I really love this dance styles (especially Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's dances) and I secretly try them to do at home too. But it's super difficult to learn them from videos. So far I can only do 3... xD

4. Other japanese food than Sushi
While you can find Sushi restaurants at every street corner, you can barely find restaurants which serve traditional japanese food. But through other Lolitas I found out about the japanese street in Düsseldorf, where there are several restaurants! My favorite foods are Karaage and Beef Curry.

5. Matcha
You will never understand what's so special about this tea until you tasted delicious Matcha ice cream, Matcha Iced Latte, Matcha Oreos, Matcha Pockys, Matcha chocolate...

6. Kimonos
I'm not sure if I will ever wear a Kimono, since there are so many things that you can do wrong, and I don't want to embarass myself, but I find them really beautiful. I have to admit that I love the Gyaru-styling the most.

7. Conventions
Visitors of conventions are often considered as weird nerds, and I have to say some of them really are, but I just love to go to conventions. I like the relaxed atmosphere where everybody has fun and nobody judges you, I like that you can meet many friends and of course I like that you can do / buy stuff there you are really interested in.

8. School uniforms
I especially like the Kogal style or the Idol uniform style. But like Maid uniforms, it's hard to find them in my size, especially if you don't want cheap looking ones. But I really hope to find one for next wear, conventions are a nice opportunity to wear them.

9. Mount Fuji
Yes you read right, I started to fell in love with this mountain. I just think it looks so beautiful, I really would have never thought that one could start to like a MOUNTAIN, but when you see mount Fuji, you have to admit that it is indeed a very pretty mountain. I also like that there are so many Fuji-related things in Japan, I guess this also plays a role why I started to like it.

Are there also any japanese things you were sceptical at first, but later fell in love with them?

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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