Friday, November 18, 2016

REVIEW: Eternita Magazine + Under the Sea Event scans

In October, a new magazine called Eternita was released in Japan. The name seems to me like a mix of eternal and Lolita. It actually has a few english words on the cover which say: "Fashion magazine for grown-up Alices". And indeed this magazine is dedicated to grown up Lolita Fashion or Otome styles.

At the beginning it shows items from basically all the Otome brands like Milk, Pink House, Leur Getter, Michal Negrin and many more. Then it follows with items from all major Lolita brands, like Angelic Pretty, Btssb, Innocent World etc., but it only shows the grown-up pieces of those brands.

After that they present some tutorials for natural hair styles and make-up, as well as a bigger chapter about handmade items. They show 15 tutorials for small sewing projects and accessories, which is quite a lot compared to the Lolita Bible. I find them quite inspiring and I even found a few I would like to recreate.

The last pages are event snaps with a full page of the Under the Sea event! (You can view all outfit pictures and more pictures of the event at the Facebook page of Eternita *here* ^_^).

Overall I like the magazine, it has comparable quality to the Lolita Bible, but it is definitely more related to Otome than Lolita style. So I recommend it more for people who are interested in Otome or very natural Lolita styles.

Thank you for reading,
Miuko~ <3

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