Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wardrobe Tag

On Amino App this wardrobe tag was really popular the last 2 weeks, so I thought why not making it too, but on my blog, because doing it on the phone is such a hassle when you want to add many pictures >_<

1. Do you still own the first Lolita item you bought?
It depends on what I count as my first item. When I found out about Lolita and started to read in a local Lolita message board, someone posted that you can buy some overknee socks at a local store which are Lolita. So I directly went to the store and bought them, and I still have those socks.
But if I count my first real Lolita item, a strawberry skirt from Angelic Pretty, then I don't own it anymore (however I sold it to another beginner Lolita and it was her first item as well ^_^)

2. What is the oldest Lolita piece in your wardrobe?
This headdress from Beth, from 2006. I won it at a raffle a few years ago but have never worn it yet, but I just can't give it away because it's such a historical piece haha.

3. What is the newest Lolita piece in your wardrobe?
Shadow Dream Carnival Special Set from Angelic Pretty, it's from 2016 and I bought it this summer in the Paris store.

4. What is the cheapest main piece in your wardrobe?
My Bubble Bath skirt from Metamorphose, I found it in Closed Child Osaka for around 20€ !!

5. What is the most expensive main piece in your wardrobe?
My Castle Mirage dress from Angelic Pretty, it cost 333€, but it was only so expensive because I bought it in the Paris store last year >_< Usually I don't spend so much money for my dresses, but I saved up money to buy something nice for me.

6. Which of your Lolita items is your favorite?
I would say that I love all my items, but my currently favorite item is the Bubble Bath skirt because it's just so cute and hilarious at the same time haha.

7. Which item do you wear the least?
This is a hard question because I have many items I don't wear often >_< I will just generally say I don't wear my Lolita bags often because they are sooo small, and also some of my jewellery, because I have fear to brake them (pretty stupid I know xD)

8. Which item do you wear the most?
I would say my berets, because I'm often too lazy to do something with my hair, and also I get headache from wearing headbows or hairclips, so they are my most used items.

9. Is there anything in your Lolita wardrobe that you haven't worn yet?
Yes, this Salopette from Maxicimam which I bought this summer in Japan, and this bag from Btssb which I bought over a year ago, but it is so small and also really hard to carry and just inconvenient. But too beautiful to sell >_<

10. What is missing from your Lolita wardrobe?
I miss a lot of head accessories which are comfortable for me and which I can wear with simple hair styling (my hair is so thin and flat that it is really difficult to wear something more fancy with simple hair styling). Also I need a lot of blouses and cardigans.

11. When will your Lolita wardrobe be complete?
My wardrobe will be complete when I can create all my outfits with perfectly matching items, and when I don't have to wear some items just because I didn't found better ones. I don't want to focus on a high number of dresses, but instead of a small number of complete outfits.

12. What was the last Lolita item you sold or threw away?
I sold my Alice in Wonderland JSK from Btssb, it was beautiful but unfortunately too small ;__;

13./14./15. How many OPs/JSKs/skirts do you have?
7 / 5 / 3

16. How many petticoats do you have?
1 (I feel like I'm the only Lolita on the planet who only owns one xD)

17. What do you plan to buy next?
I plan to buy a full set of Wonder Party from Angelic Pretty, because I want to wear the same outfit like my doll. I also plan to buy a Sweet Lolita OTT outfit.

18. When you first started wearing Lolita, what did you want your wardrobe to be like?
I wanted to have a wardrobe full of Country Lolita, because it was cute, but I thought it was simple enough to not get too much attention from strangers on the street. But after my first Lolita meet up I realised that I still got a lot of attention, and I quickly changed to a mix of Sweet and Country Lolita.

19. What is your Lolita wardrobe currently like?
Sweet Lolita! I only bought 2 Classic Lolita dresses (of which I just sold one) because I wanted to own very simple dresses which I can wear when I don't feel like getting attention on the streets (even after all this years I still hate it).
Actually not my current closet at all, half of the stuff is from a friend as well xD

20. What would you like your wardrobe to be in the future?
I want to focus on OTT Sweet Lolita again, I really love the good old AP clone style and I'm working on some outfits. I also want to wear Maid Lolita and I'm
currently buying materials to sew my own accessories for it.

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